Stian Westerhus - Redundance

Stian Westerhus – Redundance

Sometimes, an album inspires me to write in a fashion that mirrors its artistic endeavour, and avant guitar wrangler Stian Westerhus’s last album, Amputation, was one such. Words such as “fraught”, “twitching”, “maelstrom” and “melancholic” abound, and that’s just the…

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Ulver - photo by Dominic Hatton

Ulver / Stian Westerhus

Islington Assembly Hall, London Wednesday, 15th November 2017 Islington, long since gentrified by incremental Hipster Creep, is the sort of place where, if so inclined, Tarquin and Jemima could waste their ludicrous salaries from Perfect Curve* in sundry branches of…

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