Neil Campbell - eMErgence

Neil Campbell – eMErgence

With the dust barely settled on Neil Campbell’s previous release, Tabula Rasa Suite appearing in November 2014, then the news of another release appearing in March 2015, may cause the cynically inclined to ponder whether this may be a case of quantity over quality. Well there are few more cynical than I, however one thing I have discovered over the last decade is that not only does Neil Campbell constantly surprise, but also – seldom repeats himself. eMErgence is another such album and although in many respects a companion release to Tabula Rasa Suite, it treads a different path.

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Neil Campbell – Bulbs

Bulb’s Neil Campbell took time out from the preparations for the launch his latest collaborative album On to speak to Bob Mulvey. Writer, composer and guitarist Neil has produced a huge volume of work over the last fifteen years. To…

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