ArcTanGent 2022 - photo by Derek Bremner

ArcTanGent 2022

Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin Friday 19th & Saturday 20th August 2022 Returning after a three year absence, and for its eighth incarnation, the ArcTanGent festival has marked itself out as a kind of Glastonbury for the math-, post- and noise-rock…

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Leprous - Aphelion

Leprous – Aphelion

‘Aphelion’ represents the point in an object’s path where it is furthest away from the Sun. Things can only get warmer and brighter from here, so it’s the perfect title for the new album from Leprous, following on from 2019’s…

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TPA Best Albums of 2017

As we approach the end of another exciting year of wonderful music and enjoyed the delights of many fabulous releases, The Progressive Aspect, in collaboration with Anthony Rowsick’s radio programme Prog-Watch, have collected together our “The Best Albums of 2017”.…

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Leprous - Malina

Leprous – Malina

I’ve had something of a torturous relationship with Leprous over the years: I loved Bilateral, liked Coal but just couldn’t get into The Congregation, which seemed like a step too far down a cul de sac. So here we are…

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