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ProgDreams X: Day One

Poppodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Friday, 7th April, 2023 [This review first appeared in Dutch on the Progwereld website. You can read the original HERE, with huge thanks to the original contributors, and to Alex Driessen for the translation.] Easter…

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Lazuli - Onze

Lazuli – Onze

French prog rockers Lazuli have just launched their new album, Onze (’11’), the first with new guitarist Arnaud Beynaud. Onze is the sequel to 2020’s Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Böhm, an album dedicated to the band’s fans, through one…

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Lazuli - by Martin Reijman


The Cavern Club, Liverpool Tuesday, 11th October 2022 Nineteen months ago, a van carrying a band of musicians and their instruments was heading north from Southampton to Liverpool when they received an urgent message. Due to the continuing rapid spread…

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Lazuli - Denude

Lazuli – Dénudé

French progressive rock outfit Lazuli has very recently released a new, special album entitled Dénudé, meaning ‘stripped’ or ‘naked’, appropriate for these sixteen unplugged versions recorded in 2020, selected from the band’s first eight studio albums. These ‘undressed’ songs, acoustic…

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The Drill Hall, Chepstow 14th March 2020 Music flies over borders. Or at least it should; as Lazuli lead singer Dominique Leonetti quips, the band’s previous trips to the UK have been afflicted by such obstacles as snow, demonstrations, Brexit,…

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