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KariBow / Zio

The Wharf, Tavistock Saturday, 31st August 2019 Two very good bands, one night, at Tavistock’s wonderful The Wharf. Great venue, frequently punching above it’s weight with attractions, and a few good places to eat near by. First up for this…

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Karibow – MOnuMENTO

KariBow – MOnuMENTO

Opening in epic style with the title track, MOnuMENTO is the latest album from Karibow. Covering a multitude of styles from the progressive palette, it is entertaining, and not as derivative as I was expecting. Why the low expectations? At…

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Karibow - Holophinium

KariBow – Holophinium

Being human is a struggle. Questions of who we are, what we are and how we should live have perplexed philosophers throughout history. They have formed the intriguing plot-lines of a plethora of science fiction films and television series. And…

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