Damanek - Making Shore

Damanek – Making Shore

I practically leapt at the chance to have an early listen to Making Shore, the latest release by the progressive rock supergroup Damanek. And that leap of faith was thoroughly and satisfyingly rewarded! This is sumptuous, literary, cinematic, compelling, and…

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TPA Best Albums of 2018

We have been spoiled by yet another year of exciting music and hugely enjoyable releases. The Progressive Aspect, in collaboration with Anthony Rowsick’s radio programme Prog-Watch, have collected together our “The Best Albums of 2018”. There may yet be some more delights left…

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Damanek - In Flight

Damanek – In Flight

As you listen to On Track, the debut album from Damanek, the words and then the sentiment of an arresting lyric jump from the music and instantly capture your attention; “But modern progress overflows and the song is somehow altered…

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Damanek - On Track

Damanek – On Track

The call to arms comes in many guises. None, I suspect, have come with such sublime clarity of vision or such chilling emotional discernment than the passionately crafted debut album On Track from Damanek. The warm embrace of the sumptuous…

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