Aisles - Beyond Drama

Aisles – Beyond Drama

Beyond Drama is the fifth album by Chilean band Aisles, and comes after a seven-year hiatus following 2016’s acclaimed concept album Hawaii. Aisles have been tagged very much in the melodic neo-prog genre and the development from their first album…

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Israel Gil – Aisles

Something Old, Something New… Aisles were first presented to me with their 4:45 AM album, I loved it, it was different and exciting, it was quintessentially English or (North) American. Now there are changes, the core of the band remains…

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Aisles - Hawaii

Aisles – Hawaii

4:15 AM came to be like a breath of fresh air. I hate that bloody alarm clock. Likewise, 4:45 AM, the last Aisles album, was also an introduction to something new and easily slipped into my 2015 Top Ten at…

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Aisles - 4:45 am

Aisles – 4:45 AM

Aisles are a Chilean prog rock band formed a number of years ago and 4:45 am is their third release, issued in 2013 that somehow seems to have slipped through the net. They cite the usual stalwarts as their influences, some shine…

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