David Paich - photo by Alessandro Solca

David Paich – Toto

With his first solo album just released, Toto legend David Paich spoke to TPA’s Alex Driessen about how less is more and how bands like Yes, Queen and ELP have influenced his band. And much, much more… It’s not every…

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Steve Hackett with David Edwards

Steve Hackett

TPA’s David Edwards recently had the great pleasure to be able to talk to one of his prog rock heroes, Steve Hackett, during one of those rare moments over recent months when he and his wife, Jo, have had some…

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The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats

With their latest release taking the band in a different direction, we talk to The Aristocrats about how the new project with the Primuz Chamber Orchestra, from Poland, came about, featuring reimaginings of tracks from the band’s catalogue with an…

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Hans Lundin - Kaipa

Hans Lundin – Kaipa

Keyboardist and composer Hans Lundin is the sole constant through the history of the legendary Swedish band Kaipa, which he co-founded in 1973. With the band having just released their fourteenth album, the mesmerising Urskog, TPA’s Jez Rowden talks to…

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