Zopp - Dominion

Zopp – Dominion

I’ve always been a huge fan of the ‘Canterbury’ sound; maybe that was a sub-conscious reason why I moved there. With that “loosely-defined, improvisational style that blends elements of jazz, rock and psychedelia”, the musical genre includes the usual ’60s…

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Solstice - Light Up

Solstice – Light Up

Back in late 2020, Solstice joyously re-emerged onto the music scene with their most uplifting album, Sia, just at the time the World needed a tonic from the ravages and lockdowns of Covid-19. When I reviewed that album, there were…

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Kaprekar's Constant

Kaprekar’s Constant

Little Mill Oast, Marden, Kent Friday, 1st July 2022 My phone pinged. Message alert. Nick Jefferson… “We are doing a private, warm-up gig on July 1st in an old oast house in Marden. We’d like to invite you. Free food…

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