N.y.X - The News

N.y.X – The News

Bad Elephant Music have fresh act with a new release, and what a signing this is! Martin Hutchinson (Head of Sales, Marketing and PR for Bad Elephant) says of the album: “It isn’t for the faint hearted but (it’s) bloody…

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Arcade Fire - II

Arcade Messiah – II

The outlook for today is heavy with patches of melodic subtlety sweeping across your Auditory Cortex. Heavy guitars across the frontal gyrus of the cerebellum will sometimes clear to leave feelings of layered heaviness. It will be heavier further into…

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Big Big Train by Tony Colvill

Big Big Train

Kings Place, London 14th August 2015 [No photos of the band in action, by request of both band and venue, so many thanks to Tony “Quick Draw” Colvill for his on-the-hoof sketch, and thanks to BBT for signing it! Band…

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