Hasmody - Synapses

Hasmody – Synapses

This is the second release in a trilogy from the enigmatic Anti-Genre Musician and Composer, Hasmody, which began with Δs=dQREV/T (or as I like to call it, ‘Delta Sierra Equals Delta Quebec Rev Over Tango’). The third instalment is yet…

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Hasmody - 1

Hasmody – ΔS=δQREV/T

Hasmody is an enigmatic musician, meaning there’s very little easily obtainable information on the internet. Oh, there’s a Facebook page and a blog, but I’m unsure how, other than ‘Anti-Genre Musician and Composer’, to even address Hasmody correctly. But, as…

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Sproingg - Clam

Sproingg – Clam

The anticipation of listening to a new album is a bit like the anticipation of making love to a new partner. Remember that? No. Of course you don’t. I know our demographic, I’m part of it (wink)! Imagine, if you…

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