Neal Morse

Before his recent gig in Verviers, Belgium, I got the chance to chat with Neal Morse for 15 minutes. The interview was originally scheduled to be with Mike Portnoy, but due to illness he had to cancel… Neil, you’re coming…

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Soen - Tellurian

Soen – Tellurian

I have to admit that I had no idea who Soen were and had passed by the promo invitation on the assumption that they were a regular metal band. Fortunately though the promoter challenged my pre-conception on this – “proggy…

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Amplifier - Mystoria

Amplifier – Mystoria

Amplifier main-man, Sel Balamir, has stated a desire to “put out at least a record every year while we can” and with Mystoria closely following last year’s well-received Echo Street, he’s good to his word. Sel has also gone on…

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