Louder Than Bombs - Prog For Peace

T (Thomas Thielen) & Karfagen concerts in support of War Child

In May, German prog mastermind Thomas Thielen – t – and Ukrainian band Karfagen will play three concerts in Germany to support War Child, a humanitarian organisation which aims to respond to the catastrophe war brings especially to those most affected but least involved: the children in war areas. The concerts will take place in Duisburg, 17.5.2024, Rüsselsheim, 18.5.2024 and (venue change) Hannover (Kulturpalast), 19.5.2024.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: “Due to fire damage in Küsters Hof, we had to take refuge 15 km further east. KARFAGEN and T are playing at the Culture Palace on 19.5.2024 , NOT in Küsters Hof in Wunstorf”.

Thielen is adamant the catchy “LOUDER THAN BOMB’s” header being used for these PROG FOR PEACE concerts should not be misunderstood: it represents neither a “naive pacifism” nor the idea that singing for peace in Germany is somehow more efficient as a means for achieving peace. As a counter-speech expert, Thielen reports “Antony (Kalugin, from Karfagen) was fine with it, however, so I thought: Yeah, maybe it‘s just a catchphrase and I might as well raise as much money as possible to bring at least a bit of peace to the weakest persons involved: children.”

Louder Than Bombs - Prog For Peace

The concert tour project was started by German booker Oliver Botta, whose LOUDER THAN BOMBS sampler featured such acts as Karfagen and t alongside Steve Hackett, Ray Wilson and others. By doing this, the LOUDER THAN BOMBS project has already raised a large sum to be donated to War Child as well as continually adding to it.

Both T and Karfagen will perform full sets – for a starting price of 20€ in all venues. “There is room for any donation you want to add to that, though,” Thielen says “in Oliver‘s merch booth. Or you could use that opportunity to prog-ify others, just getting 2 or 3 tickets and encouraging your neighbours to join you or whatever helps.” Thielen confirms he will not profit from those concerts.

With Karfagen‘s latest release just out, the concerts are also an opportunity to raise awareness of Karfagen‘s music and history. Thielen has offered the Ukrainian band the use of his equipment for their performances and is helping Botta in organising the logistics. The costs are further minimised by the great help from t‘s fan club, SOLIPSISTERS, who have managed to push the hotel costs to zero, offering private accommodation and breakfasts.

If you would like to get tickets or just support the cause, you can do so HERE