The Bob Lazar Story - The Bob Lazarus Chronicles Pt. 1

The Bob Lazar Story – The Bob Lazarus Chronicles, Pt.1 : Foodstool Resurrection

The Bob Lazar Story is Matt Deacon. You may remember him from such albums (and reviews) as Ghost of Foodstool (2014, reviewed by Jez Rowden), Self-Loathing Joe EP (2015, reviewed by Jez Rowden), Baritonia (2017, reviewed by Jez Rowden [I’m sensing a pattern here]) and Vanquisher (2019, reviewed by Phil Lively [surprise!] 9 August 2019)

Matt says that The Bob Lazarus Chronicles, Pt.1: Foodstool Resurrection is, “A small collection of shorter tunes (that) have been gestating for a couple of years…”

In an EP that sports ten tracks, ranging in length from a mere twenty-seven seconds to a veritably epic three-minutes-and-two-seconds, The Bob Lazar Story employs some whacky chord progressions and splendid instrumentalisation techniques to put you on your back foot and get you dancing like a dyschronometric dervish.
The whole thing is over all too soon, in a mere thirteen-minutes-and-twenty-seconds of your Earth timings. But in that time The Bob Lazar Story demonstrate that brevity is King. Indeed and after all, they say “timing is everything”. They (possible the same “they” but it isn’t. It’s from Star Trek) say, “Time is the fire in which we burn”.

Burn with me, then, in acquiring and listening to the latest and debatably pithiest offering yet from The Bob Lazar Story.

Un conclusion:
Those of you familiar with difficult musics will love this. Those of you who have brains that probably don’t cause them any trouble (read more on them in the review of Vanquisher) and want some comfy prog – perhaps less so… but I urge you, if you don’t have that brain thing, to try. It will be the best $2 USD you have spent since that last time you spent $2 USD – perhaps even better!

As you might guess from the title, there will be a series of these chronicles, so The Bob Lazar Story – The Bob Lazarus Chronicles, Pt.1: Foodstool Resurrection isn’t just a clever title, and I shall definitely look forward to fighting to the death with Jez Rowden over who gets to do the next review.

01. May the Sixth Be With You (0:27)
02. Corner Taken Quickly (1:26)
03. Stronger Together (2:33)
04. Origi! (0:48)
05. Space Guild Boot Froth (0:42)
06. This One Isn’t For You (1:04)
07. Permanent Relief (0:48)
08. Foodstool Resurection (0:50)
09. Failed to Deck (1:46)
10. Lids in the Backreach (3:02)

Total Time – 13:26

[*Stop Press* It’s now got 11 tracks with the fiendish addition of Inappropriate F-Key as track 4! (And that’s probably a 48-minute epic to blow all that ‘brevity’ bollocks out of the water… with Mr Deacon’s track record, who’d be remotely surprised? 🙂 ]

Matt Deacon – Guitar, Lap Steel, Moog Minitaur, Mouse

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Date of Release: 7th April 2023

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