Tom Slatter - Spirit Box EP

Tom Slatter – Spirit Box EP

Tom Slatter is akin to premium dark Belgium chocolate; deliciously dark and bittersweet. This latest release from the Urban Folk Steampunk songwriter is just that. Via some cracking tunes with slightly unhinged lyrics, Tom continues to develop, becoming more musically rounded whilst holding on to those elements not usually found in a popular song. If you have an inkling for a little darkness in your music collection then this EP, concerning some macabre murders and Stephen King-like clowns, is perfect.

Butcher Boy is whimsical with a mid-European feel, acoustic and electric, eclectic, great guitar solo as Tom squeezes four words into spaces meant for one. Pop rock for darker times. Ashes continues the dark tales, with hints of Christie Moore. The tunes should, if justice is done, broaden Tom’s appeal, making him no longer my dirty little secret!

August and Whiteface is by far my favourite piece and I would have chosen to open with this. Film noire becomes music noire in a tale of murderous clowns. Singalong now, The Stranglers acoustic set, a great toe tapping tune this, the weird becomes stranger things.

And The Voices Sang is subtle, with some excellent production from Jordan Brown and the guitar tales of Gareth Cole, Tom Slatter continues on his musical journey, the weird is now wonderful. Quirky, but wonderful.

I’d say give it shot, but another murder is not required.

01. Butcher Boy (5:10)
02. Ashes (6:16)
03. August and Whiteface (4:54)
04. And The Voices Sang (5:55)

Total Time – 22:17

Tom Slatter – Guitars, Vocals, Found Percussion
Gareth Cole – Electric Guitars
Jordan Brown – Acoustic Bass, Keyboards

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 14th November 2018

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