t - Pareidoliving

t – pareidoliving

Despite our best intentions, the pervading influences of contemporary trends, fashions and currents cannot help but seep unnoticed into our living and thinking. The commodification of music in particular has heightened both the speed as well as the brutality of…

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T - Solipsystemology

t – Solipsystemology

Endings are nearly always beginnings. The thought is worth bearing in mind as you approach Solipsystemology, the seventh studio album from the provocative and challenging Thomas Thielen or ‘t’ as the German multi-instrumentalist is otherwise known. Certainly it is not…

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t - Epistrophobia

t – Epistrophobia

The assured, comforting rhythmic beating of a heart, echoed inhalations of breath, gradually merging with the ceaseless ticking of a clock, whispered mutterings from indistinct and barely heard voices all come to an abrupt end with the stark intrusion of…

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