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Fusion 5: Day Two

The Civic Hall, Stourport Saturday, 2nd March 2024 RUBY DAWN (David Edwards) Carola Baer’s Ruby Dawn started proceedings wonderfully on Day 2 of Fusion 5 – with another captivating, dreamy and hypnotic set of prog and groove-led rhythm, focusing on…

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Kite Parade - Retro

Kite Parade – Retro

When multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Andy Foster produced his debut release, The Way Home, a year ago, I was bowled over by the sheer melodic vibrancy on show. Like condensed sunshine, the raft of accessible, and yet deceptively complex songs were…

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Kite Parade - The Way Home

Kite Parade – The Way Home

Melody (noun): ‘a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying; a tune.’ ‘The aspect of musical composition concerned with the arrangement of single notes to form a satisfying sequence.’ ‘The principal part in harmonised music.’ ‘Sweet music; tunefulness.’ It’s…

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