Jordsjø – Salighet

Jordsjø – Salighet

Jordsjø return with their fourth studio album. The duo are inspired by Scandinavian folklore, via jazz and early British prog, but that said, over their previous albums they have forged a unique sound of their own. The band made a…

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TPA Best of 2021

TPA Best Albums of 2021

Happy New Year! Well, hopefully things will start to show an improvement at last. Despite the restrictions on social gatherings, live music and fun in general, the boffins at various music-making facilities around the globe have been beavering away to…

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Jordsjø – Pastoralia

Jordsjø – Pastoralia

Jordsjø return with their third album Pastoralia, a release which I have looked forward too since I reviewed their last album, Nattfiolen. I have had the privilege to review their first two albums plus the compilation CD of their cassette…

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Jordsjø - Nattfiolen

Jordsjø – Nattfiolen

Jordsjø return with their latest album on Karisma Records. Last year saw their first ever CD release, the excellent Jord, which was followed later in the year with a compilation release of their previous cassette-only albums. All were of an…

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TPA Best Albums of 2018

We have been spoiled by yet another year of exciting music and hugely enjoyable releases. The Progressive Aspect, in collaboration with Anthony Rowsick’s radio programme Prog-Watch, have collected together our “The Best Albums of 2018”. There may yet be some more delights left…

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Jordsjø – Jord

Jordsjø – Jord

From Oslo in Norway, Jordsjø started as a side project for multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (Tusmorke, Black Magic) in 2014, but developed into a two man venture with Kristian Frøland. They are currently a four man band, with the aim of…

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