Frost* - Day And Age

Frost* – Day And Age

“Hello, and welcome to the rest of your life”, the opening line from our narrator, a child-like English voice whose name may or may not be Alice, introducing us to Day and Age, the latest recording from Frost*, and their…

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Frost* - 13 Winters

Frost* – 13 Winters

Thirteen winters, a long time out in the cold. So what do you get from the Frost* beast, and the imagination of founder Jem Godfrey, along with John Mitchell, Craig Blundell, Nathan King, Dec Burke and several more? A rather…

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Frost* - Others

Frost* – Others [EP]

Chris Squire’s endorsement of Frost* in issue one of ‘Classic Rock presents Prog’ magazine pointed out that the genre had indeed progressed with such music that their album Milliontown had presented to the world. Not bound by what had gone…

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Frost* TPA featured image


Sub89, Reading Wednesday 15th June 2016 Frost* are in good mood tonight as they take to the stage for their ‘warm up’ gig before heading out on the road for a UK tour supporting the release of their third studio…

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