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Fusion 5: Day Two

The Civic Hall, Stourport Saturday, 2nd March 2024 RUBY DAWN (David Edwards) Carola Baer’s Ruby Dawn started proceedings wonderfully on Day 2 of Fusion 5 – with another captivating, dreamy and hypnotic set of prog and groove-led rhythm, focusing on…

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Fusion 4: Day Two

The Civic Hall, Stourport Saturday, 4th March, 2023 SPRIGGAN MIST (Tony Colvill) Spriggan Mist have changed a little since I first heard their debut album, many years ago. They seem to have become more ‘Rock’ – the sound is tight…

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EBB - Mad & Killing Time

EBB – Mad & Killing Time

Any band which includes members called ‘Bad Dog’ and ‘Kitty Biscuits’ are probably worthy of anyone’s curiosity. Such curiosity is further stimulated by discovering that the fabulously named ‘Kitty Biscuits’ also provides ‘spoken word poetry’ for this new band… but…

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