Ensemble Gamut! - RE

Ensemble Gamut! – RE

There is nothing purer than the voice of Aino Peltomaa over a pipe drone. It’s as traditional and heartfelt as you can get and drills down into the intense humanity of these largely ancient works, as reinterpreted by the members…

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Magnum / Vega / Theia

The Tramshed, Cardiff Wednesday, 7th December 2022 I love The Tramshed. Not only is it a very nice space, the staff are the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s a pleasure to roll up to the door and be cheerily greeted…

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Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles / Gong

Trinity Centre, Bristol Sunday, 20th November 2022 After seeing Gong turn the Good Ship Thekla into a space vessel back in March, loosing its moorings to take us grinningly happy throng to the stars, the thought of a double-header with…

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With their latest album, Zenith, just released, self-proclaimed instrumental prog band Poly-Math played a special album launch gig at Signature Brew in Walthamstow, East London. Always keen to attend a gig in a brewery, TPA’s Jez Rowden was on hand…

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Poly-Math - Zenith

Poly-Math – Zenith

The biggest take-away for me from the Portals Festival in May was Poly-Math. Their half-hour set was an object listen in how to play an eviscerating set of complex and edgy instrumental music whilst keeping it engaging and entertaining. The…

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Marillion / June Road

Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands Thursday, 20th October 2022 I love seeing bands outside the UK, it’s usually a very different experience, and a smashing Christmas pres from a wonderful wife has led us to Eindhoven for Marillion’s second night…

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