3,14 - Bombyx Mori (314π)

3,14 – Bombyx Mori

If there’s one genre label I’ve never been entirely comfortable with, it’s so-called “World” music, which comes ominously close to being racist, and sometimes crosses that line. And yet, with 3,14’s debut release, it’s hard to think of an adjective…

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Anathema - Eternity

Anathema – Eternity

With Anathema announcing themselves another casualty of 2020, and being placed on indefinite hiatus, I’m sure many have been reacquainting themselves with their full discography. Everyone has their own special and favourite albums from the band, as their mood and…

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Israel Gil – Aisles

Something Old, Something New… Aisles were first presented to me with their 4:45 AM album, I loved it, it was different and exciting, it was quintessentially English or (North) American. Now there are changes, the core of the band remains…

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