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Domes – [Title TBA]

Published on 17th October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

One of the most intriguing things over the last year has been watching New Zealand band Domes build their debut release. A self confessed experiment, rather than be released all at once, each track has been... Read More

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Jah Wobble - In Dub II

Jah Wobble – In Dub II

Published on 16th October 2020 | by Roger Trenwith

In my fried cranium, Jah Wobble will forever be the guy in the Oxfam suit, sat on a bar stool and grinning malevolently into the Top of The Pops camera through a smile distorted by two... Read More

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yllwshrk photo by Iona Wolff

yllwshrk – I Am Aladdin

Published on 15th October 2020 | by Geoff Ford

yllwshrk describe themselves as ‘musical misfits who embrace the current blurring of genres and push that to the extreme’. As a fusion of members from both the classical and rock world, they have come together in... Read More

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Flying Colors - Third Stage Live in London

Flying Colors – Third Stage: Live In London

Published on 13th October 2020 | by Graham Thomas

There’s something which sets Flying Colors apart from the other bands in which the Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy axis feature. Whilst both the Neal Morse Band and Transatlantic are undeniably prog, featuring as they do... Read More

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Wobbler - Dwellers Of The Deep

Wobbler – Dwellers Of The Deep

Published on 11th October 2020 | by Mel Allen

Take some retro instruments, a love of retro prog rock bands, especially a flavour of Yes with a pinch of Gentle Giant, add a modern twist with a sprinkling of technical proficiency and what do you... Read More

A Different Aspect

ADA#44 (A Different Aspect)

A Different Aspect #44

Published on 10th October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

In this update we feature: • The Osiris Club – Blazing Worlds: Live at Roadburn & Twicefold Of Kind • Dušan Jevtovic – If You See Me • Slomosa – Slomosa • Boris – NO •... Read More

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