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3,14 - Bombyx Mori (314π)

3,14 – Bombyx Mori

Published on 29th October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

If there’s one genre label I’ve never been entirely comfortable with, it’s so-called “World” music, which comes ominously close to being racist, and sometimes crosses that line. And yet, with 3,14’s debut release, it’s hard to... Read More

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William Shatner – The Blues

William Shatner – The Blues

Published on 28th October 2020 | by Roger Trenwith

First things first… you’ll need to get very drunk. No, I mean it. Open that bottle of plum brandy you’ve had since returning from that works trip to Poland where you won Employee of The Month... Read More

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Anathema - Eternity

Anathema – Eternity

Published on 27th October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

With Anathema announcing themselves another casualty of 2020, and being placed on indefinite hiatus, I’m sure many have been reacquainting themselves with their full discography. Everyone has their own special and favourite albums from the band,... Read More

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Áuryn - Antes de Cerrar los Ojos

Áuryn – Antes de Cerrar los Ojos

Published on 25th October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

Within the first minute, you know this is going to be an interesting listen, as the opening number of Áuryn’s debut album, Antes de Cerrar los Ojos, flits between prog metal and jazz fusion. The contrasts... Read More

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Karda Estra - Idols in the Flesh

Karda Estra – Idols in the Flesh

Published on 22nd October 2020 | by Roger Trenwith

Come hither, curious listener, and enter the mysterious world of Karda Estra, who this time around take us on a journey into dank and dark ambient caves that conjure scenes from an imaginary Bram Stoker novel.... Read More

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Cut Off Your Hands - HLLH

Cut Off Your Hands – HLLH

Published on 21st October 2020 | by Nick Hudson

New Zealand band Cut Off Your Hands is one I’ve followed without great enthusiasm. With a bunch of EPs under their belt, their debut album was accompanied by a lot of hype. Possibly not undeserved, either,... Read More

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