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Trey Gunn - Punkt - Firma

Trey Gunn – Punkt / Firma

Published on 19th July 2020 | by Graham Thomas

Trey Gunn should be a very familiar name in Progressive Rock circles, mainly because of his involvement with King Crimson during the ‘double-trio’ years. Since then he has been involved in various projects (including the Security... Read More

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Arabs in Aspic - Madness and Magic

Arabs in Aspic – Madness and Magic

Published on 18th July 2020 | by Nick Hudson

What do you get if you cross the albums Wish You Were Here and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath? I’d be hard pressed to give a better answer than Madness and Magic. Heck, even the title could be... Read More

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Lonely Robot – Feelings Are Good

Lonely Robot – Feelings Are Good

Published on 17th July 2020 | by Dave Cookson

Feelings Are Good, huh? The phrase comes out differently depending on how you say it to yourself, it makes a clever album title and, as you will read below, is appropriate for this new collection of... Read More

A Different Aspect

A Different Aspect - ADA#40

A Different Aspect #40

Published on 16th July 2020 | by Leo Trimming

In this update we feature: • Echo Rain – Western Skies EP] • Kaprekar’s Constant – Meanwhile… EP] • Vivienne Mort – Aocbia (Досвід) • Raoul Björkenheim – Solar Winds • Nick Marsh – Waltzing Bones... Read More

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Long Earth - Once Around the Sun

Long Earth – Once Around the Sun

Published on 15th July 2020 | by Rob Fisher

When trying to talk about a piece of music it can be frustrating knowing how, or even where, to start. Occasionally, having spent time with a particular release, you realise it’s perhaps not as good as... Read More

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Turtle Skull – Monoliths

Turtle Skull – Monoliths

Published on 14th July 2020 | by Nick Hudson

I’m old enough to remember a time when cover art was incredibly important. A time before the Interweb, where walking into a record store, the first thing you might know about an artist would be the... Read More

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Coridian - Eldur

Coridian – Eldur

Published on 12th July 2020 | by Nick Hudson

New Zealand band Coridian released their third EP this year, from a series of four – each loosely conceptually based on one of the four classical elements. Each EP has been longer than the previous, so... Read More

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