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Nick Magnus ~ N'Monix

Nick Magnus – n’monix

Published on 6th May 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

Nick Magnus returns with his fifth studio and the follow up to the excellent Children Of Another God (2010). He is joined once again by Steve Hackett and Pete Hicks who rekindle their musical partnership which began... Read More

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Minibus Pimps ~ Cloud To Ground

Minibus Pimps – Cloud To Ground

Published on 4th May 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Seemingly positioning himself furthest from the Led Zeppelin spotlight back in the day, John Paul Jones is proof of the old adage “watch out for the quiet ones”. In those confused daze John Paul Jones was... Read More

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Xavi Reija ~ Resolution

Xavi Reija – Resolution

Published on 28th April 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Previously a quintet featuring keyboards and sax, now a trio, Xavi Reija’s band does things a drums/bass/guitar line up should not be able to, creating splendidly intuitive avant jazz rock suites that do not suffer the... Read More

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Molly Bloom ~ All Pressure

Molly Bloom – All Pressure

Published on 27th April 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

It’s been a little over 10 years since I first sampled the delights of Molly Bloom’s music and to this day I am grateful to Owen Davies who suggested I might check them out. So back in... Read More

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Spoke Of Shadows ~ Spoke Of Shadows

Spoke of Shadows – Spoke of Shadows

Published on 26th April 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

You can’t make an album based around the Warr guitar without it sounding like the last incarnation of King Crimson, can you? Well, not necessarily, as this fine release proves. Spoke of Shadows is Herd of... Read More

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Splashgirl ~ Field Day Rituals

Splashgirl – Field Day Rituals

Published on 20th April 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Languishing in my pile of “to do” CDs since the turn of the year Field Day Rituals, the fourth album by Norwegian trio Splashgirl, released in February last year is a little outside my usual remit... Read More

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Panic Room - Incarnate

Panic Room – Incarnate

Published on 14th April 2014 | by Jez Rowden

Panic Room have made great strides in the period since the release of their debut, Visionary Position, in 2008 and with Incarnate, their fourth album to date, they will hopefully move to the upper echelons of... Read More

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Messenger ~ Illusory Blues

Messenger – Illusory Blues

Published on 13th April 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Messenger are a multi-national troupe who came together in London in 2012. Led by guitarists and vocalists Khaled Lowe and Barnaby Maddick, they hooked up with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, who has worked with Ulver amongst... Read More

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Lazuli - Tant Que L'Herbe Est Grasse

Lazuli – Tant Que L’Herbe Est Grasse

Published on 12th April 2014 | by Jez Rowden

Lazuli have come from nowhere to become one of my very favourite current bands, based initially on their performance at last year’s Summer’s End Festival. They were just stunning and put on one of the most... Read More

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Man - All's Well That Ends Well

Man – All’s Well That Ends Well

Published on 9th April 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

This latest addition to the Esoteric Recordings’ Man reissues is this Deluxe 3CD Edition of their 1977 album,  All’s Well That Ends Well, recorded at what was a regular haunt for the band, The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm,... Read More

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