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Rick Wakeman ~ Live At Lugano DVD

Rick Wakeman – Live In Lugano

Published on 2nd July 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

Today seems to be as fitting an occasion as any to upload this review of Rick Wakeman’s 2009 concert from the city of Lugano located in the south of Switzerland. The footage was filmed as part... Read More

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Zuffanti ~ La Quarta Vittima

Zuffanti – La Quarta Vittima

Published on 29th June 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Fabio Zuffanti, composer, arranger and keyboard player of some repute, with a CV including bands such as Höstsonaten, Finisterre, and Maschera Di Cera has carved out a twenty-year career of high quality RPI. Here with his... Read More

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Humble Grumble ~ Guzzle It Up!

Humble Grumble – Guzzle It Up!

Published on 29th June 2014 | by Basil Francis

Though I sometimes fail to believe it, there is still progressive music being produced nowadays of the same quality as in the 70s when prog had its heyday. You just need to know where to look;... Read More

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Sassafras ~ Expecting Company

Sassafras – Expecting Company

Published on 28th June 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

Having recently covered Esoteric Recordings’ 3CD box-set, All’s Well That Ends Well, from Welsh rocker’s Man, I was pleased to see another of Wales finest, Sassafras receive the re-issue makeover. Both bands were noted for the... Read More

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Kant Freud Kafka - No Tengas Miedo

Kant Freud Kafka – No Tengas Miedo

Published on 26th June 2014 | by Jez Rowden

“Immanuel Kant (22nd April 1724 – 12th February 1804): German philosopher widely considered to be a central figure of modern philosophy. Argued that fundamental concepts structure human experience and that reason is the source of morality.... Read More

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Tim Bowness ~ Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

Tim Bowness – Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

Published on 22nd June 2014 | by Brian McAllister

My enjoyment of this, the second solo offering from the voice and co-writer of No-man, began as soon as I first read of its imminent release. What a brilliantly evocative (and fitting) title for an album... Read More

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Dewa Budjana ~ Surya Namaskar

Dewa Budjana – Surya Namaskar

Published on 19th June 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

A rich vein of qualitative progressive jazz/rock/fusion can always be found over at MoonJune Records and across many years now I’ve discovered a fair few gems there. One of the more recent is Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana who I have... Read More

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Anathema ~ Distant Satellites

Anathema – Distant Satellites

Published on 19th June 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

I have been battering the keyboard at this reviewing lark for a few years now. As such I get sent albums from every corner of the disparate genre known as prog. You would think being a... Read More

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Factor Burzaco ~ 3

Factor Burzaco – 3

Published on 18th June 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Already an accomplished composer, Argentinian Abel Gilbert formed Factor Burzaco as an outlet for his singular musical vision. Combining the influence of chamber music, Henry Cow, Belgian RIO, modern classical composers Ligeti, and Debussy, Gilbert is... Read More

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