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Schnauser - Protein for Everyone

Schnauser – Protein For Everyone

Published on 15th January 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

An album from last year that nearly slipped my grasp, and would have done had it not tripped over the doormat on its way out with my prized reel-to-reel bootleg of the Best of The UFO... Read More

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Mater Thallium - Abandoned By The Sun

Mater Thallium – Abandoned By The Sun

Published on 13th January 2015 | by Brian McAllister

The old saying that you should never judge a whatever by its cover is most definitely proved correct by this, the second album from a Norwegian band formed by ex-members of the unforgettably named burlesque rock... Read More

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Uriah Heep – Outsider

Uriah Heep – Outsider

Published on 12th January 2015 | by Tom Waring

Uriah Heep are one of the most well known Hard and Progressive Rock bands of all time. With a tremendous back catalogue of 24 studio albums, they tour relentlessly to the delight of thousands of fans... Read More

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Man - Call Down The Moon

Man – Call Down The Moon

Published on 9th January 2015 | by Bob Mulvey

Continuing on from Esoteric Recordings’ excellent re-mastered and expanded reissue of Man’s The Twang Dynasty, which included within the 3CD boxset the entire Glastonbury set from June 1994, we forward to March 1995 and the release... Read More

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Neil Campbell - Tabula Rasa Suite

Neil Campbell – Tabula Rasa Suite

Published on 4th January 2015 | by Bob Mulvey

It has been a decade since I first discovered the music of gifted Liverpudlian composer and guitarist Neil Campbell, a journey which began in 2005 with the release of The Neil Campbell Collective’s 3 O’Clock Sky.... Read More

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Captain Cougar - Åkerblomrörelsen

Captain Cougar – Åkerblomrörelsen

Published on 26th December 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

In the autumn we received Kivenpyörittäjä, a splendid album from Finnish composer and keyboard player Juha Kujanpää. As I greatly enjoyed and therefore favourably reviewed the music, I was intrigued when a few days after the... Read More

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Marillion - A Collection Of Recycled Gifts

Marillion – A Collection Of Recycled Gifts

Published on 24th December 2014 | by Tony Colvill

Yes, it’s a Christmas album, but bear with me, it’s a Marillion Christmas Album, now read on… A Collection Of Recycled Gifts is a collection of Christmas songs that Marillion have released to their fans over... Read More

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Sky - Sky / Sky 2

Sky – Sky / Sky 2

Published on 23rd December 2014 | by Jez Rowden

In 1979 I was just starting along my musical journey, mainly interested in soundtracks and classical music, the latter thanks to my Mother’s preferred listening, and Sky were a band that piqued my interest. I heard... Read More

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