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Kapil Seshasayee – Crimes EP

Kapil Seshasayee – Crimes [EP]

Published on 1st November 2015 | by Phil Lively

Glasgow-based Kapil is a singer songwriter. He writes and performs everything himself. Kapil’s songs are described in one of his press releases as “avant-garde” and “progressive alternative rock”. I heard abrupt changes in inventive soundscapes underpinned... Read More

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Jack O'The Clock - Outsider Songs

Jack O’The Clock – Outsider Songs

Published on 31st October 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

I have had this short album – or long EP, whatever – in my “to do” pile for quite a while, and a recent discussion on a Facebook thread with those fine Bad Elephant chaps about... Read More

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Magic Bus - Tales From Sogmore's Garden

Magic Bus – Transmissions From Sogmore’s Garden

Published on 30th October 2015 | by Leo Trimming

Down in deepest, darkest rural Devon is the semi-mythical rural town of Totnes, which some inhabitants now believe is twinned with C.S. Lewis’s magical land, Narnia. Renowned for its atmosphere of alternative lifestyles and ‘New Age’... Read More

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Janet Feder - THIS CLOSE

Janet Feder – T H I S C L O S E

Published on 28th October 2015 | by Jez Rowden

From Denver, Colorado, this is different. Janet Feder plays guitar and sings. Nothing unusual there perhaps but she does it in a particularly unusual way. T H I S C L O S E is Janet’s... Read More

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Blackmore's Night - All Our Yesterdays

Blackmore’s Night – All Our Yesterdays

Published on 27th October 2015 | by Mel Allen

Blackmore’s Night return with their tenth studio album, the follow up to 2013’s Dancer and the Moon. Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, and their band of minstrels continue to perform their Renaissance inspired rock which made its... Read More

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Lapis Lazuli - Alien

Lapis Lazuli – Alien

Published on 26th October 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Another band helping to define the New Canterbury sound, and actually hailing from the Kent cathedral city, Lapis lazuli burst upon an unsuspecting world in 2012 with their double-debut, the “un” rather than “in” famous Bungalow... Read More

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Spring - Spring

Spring – Spring

Published on 25th October 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

When I heard that Esoteric Recordings, those wonderful curators of Rock’s Rich Tapestry, were re-releasing the self-titled album by Leicester band Spring, an obscure bunch of very early prog rockers, conversely well known in the world... Read More

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