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Yugen - Death By Water

Yugen – Death By Water

Published on 9th July 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

An album long anticipated by this particular scribbler, Italian avant-prog band Yugen’s fourth studio album, Death By Water, arrives in a year already blessed by several high quality releases, and it would be in danger of... Read More

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Johanna Elina - Belonging

Johanna Elina – Belonging

Published on 6th July 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Johanna Elina sings her stripped-back songs of bared souls and mystery to a soundtrack of sometimes gentle and minimal backing containing electronica and found sounds, alternating with more edgy palettes of modern rhythmic clatter and thrum.... Read More

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Anderson-Stolt - Invention of Knowledge

Anderson/Stolt – Invention of Knowledge

Published on 5th July 2016 | by Mel Allen

The coming together of two greats of progressive music, Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt, for this their album Invention of Knowledge has stirred up a storm of anticipation across the progressive rock fan base. This is... Read More

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Our Oceans - Our Oceans

Our Oceans – Our Oceans

Published on 4th July 2016 | by Uygar Başpehlivan

‘Melancholy’ seems to be the new trope of prog music; songs of emotional despair and stories of lost lovers have replaced dragons and spaceships as the subject matters of progressive rock in the Millennium. The rising... Read More

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Panzerpappa – Pestrottedans

Panzerpappa – Pestrottedans

Published on 1st July 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Dancing Plague Rats in a Melody Jus… Serves as many as you want it to, a satisfying meal, that akin to the finest arrabiata will be fiery and full of flavour, but subtleties will not be... Read More

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Paradigm Shift - Becoming Aware

Paradigm Shift – Becoming Aware

Published on 26th June 2016 | by Phil Lively

Are you shopping for some Progressive Rock? In the local music supermarket EDITOR: I don’t think that’s a thing. I think I’d know if musical supermarkets were a thing that existed] you need to look carefully.... Read More

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