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Transport Aerian - Darkblue

Transport Aerian – Darkblue

Published on 10th January 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

I have had this album at the top of the “to do” pile for a while, but as the Yuletide season of merriment was then upon us, it seemed entirely wrong to disrupt any warm festive... Read More

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OVRFWRD - Fantasy Absent Reason

OVRFWRD – Fantasy Absent Reason

Published on 9th January 2016 | by Mel Allen

Music is an amazing thing, it can mean so many different things to so many people. It can suit our changing moods, be light-hearted fun, from serious stuff to throw away pop. Then you get the... Read More

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Proteo - REPUBLIKFLUCHT!...Facing East

Proteo – REPUBLIKFLUCHT!…facing east

Published on 8th January 2016 | by Jez Rowden

From Trieste in Italy, Proteo formed in 1996 as a mainstream rock act but soon moved into more progressive areas. After recording three demos their first album, Under A Red Polar Light, appeared in 2009. Republikflucht!... Read More

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Loomings - Everyday Mythology

Loomings – Everyday Mythology

Published on 6th January 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Hold on to your hat, for you are about to take a thrill-a-minute rollercoaster ride through the untrammelled imagination of Jacopo Costa and friends. Calling at all stations, from doo-wop through pop, Euro-folk, classic RIO moves,... Read More

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TesseracT - Polaris

TesseracT – Polaris

Published on 4th January 2016 | by Rob Fisher

Polaris is the third studio album from British rock and prog metal band TesseracT and with it they have unquestionably captured the shifting moods of a restless generation. There is an immersive, unrefined and at times... Read More

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Steven Wilson - 4 and a half

Steven Wilson – 4½

Published on 2nd January 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

As a stop gap between his fourth solo album Hand.Cannot.Erase. and whatever is coming next, The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz is keeping his audience sated with this mini-album. 4½ comprises four tracks recorded at the... Read More

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Colin Bass - At Wild End

Colin Bass – At Wild End

Published on 30th December 2015 | by Jez Rowden

Colin Bass will be familiar to many TPA readers as bassist and vocalist for Camel, with whom he has been associated since 1979. But that is only one facet – albeit a substantial one – of... Read More

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Gizmo - Marlowe's Children

Gizmo – Marlowe’s Children

Published on 27th December 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Not heard of Gizmo? Well, as I do not wish to spend too much time repeating myself, I suggest you read the long and hopefully not too rambling intro to my review of the Canterbury band’s... Read More

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