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Circa - Valley Of The Windmill

Circa – Valley of the Windmill

Published on 28th July 2016 | by Professor Mark

Circa return after a five year hiatus with a new studio album, Valley of the Windmill. Since And So On (2011) the band has updated their sound and once again changed the line-up with the ever... Read More

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The Enid - Dust

The Enid – Dust

Published on 26th July 2016 | by Tony Colvill

Many bands claim to be Symphonic Rock, the blending of classical style with modern instruments to create an orchestral experience. Of all these, only The Enid create something that is unique and powerful, although that is... Read More

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Freedom To Glide - Fall

Freedom to Glide – Fall

Published on 25th July 2016 | by Mel Allen

Fall is Freedom to Glide’s follow up to 2013’s excellent album Rain and the second of their intended “war themed trilogy”. Where Rain mainly featured references to World War One, here they continue to use it... Read More

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Unit Wail - Pangaea Proxima

Unit Wail – Pangaea Proxima

Published on 23rd July 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Towards the end of last year I reviewed the gloriously tumultuous album Beyond Space Edges by heavy avant-prog band Unit Wail, and sometime early in the new year I was sent a file containing the 2016... Read More

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Zosia Jagodzinska - Eros & Thanatos

Zosia Jagodzinska – Eros & Thanatos [EP]

Published on 22nd July 2016 | by Bob Mulvey

By way of an introduction to the creative world of cellist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and poet, Zosia Jagodzinska, was the arrival of the all too brief Eros and Thantos EP. Zosia is a gifted, classically trained... Read More

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We Are Kin - .​.​.​and I know​.​.​.

We Are Kin – …and I know…

Published on 21st July 2016 | by Phil Lively

Manchester progressive rock quartet We Are Kin’s second album – entitled …and I know… – was released on 8th July. I’ve taken a special interest in We Are Kin since becoming aware of them and their... Read More

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Marbin - Aggressive Hippies

Marbin – Aggressive Hippies

Published on 18th July 2016 | by Shawn Dudley

Ah, Jazz-Rock, my old friend, so nice to see you alive and well and thriving in Chicago. As a refresher for the uninitiated, Jazz-Rock was one of the countless experimental sub-genres that exploded from the big... Read More

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