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Bent Knee - Say So

Bent Knee – Say So

Published on 12th June 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Breathtaking in its scope, and daring in its musical choices, Say So is an album of unbridled ambition that dares to reach for the stars. Their previous and second album Shiny Eyed Babies was released in... Read More

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Daymoon - Cruz Quebrada

Daymoon – Cruz Quebrada

Published on 10th June 2016 | by Professor Mark

Daymoon is back, with a deep, emotional album in Cruz Quebrada, written for you in the hope that you will learn from the tragic experience described and make the most of your life ahead. As lead... Read More

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Body English – Stories Of Earth

Body English – Stories Of Earth

Published on 9th June 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Arriving seemingly fully formed out of nowhere, well, Boston USA to be precise, Body English make music that may well be described as intelligent pop, avoiding as it does any obvious traits that would make for... Read More

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Trettioåriga Kriget - Seaside Air

Trettioåriga Kriget – Seaside Air

Published on 8th June 2016 | by Jez Rowden

I first came across Trettioåriga Kriget with their 2011 album Efter Efter, to which Seaside Air is the follow-up. The five year interval may be significant but the time has been well spent and fans of... Read More

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Big Big Train - Folklore

Big Big Train – Folklore

Published on 7th June 2016 | by Phil Lively

Bands like Crimson and Van der Graaf Genesis were the past for me. I was now living under a rock. An Industrial Rock – not a Prog Rock (I know where my coat is. I’ll get... Read More

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Lee Abraham - The Seasons Turn

Lee Abraham – The Seasons Turn

Published on 5th June 2016 | by Mel Allen

Lee Abraham is back, with what is now his fifth solo album. I have been sold on Lee’s brand of progressive rock since his performance at the 2010 Winters End Festival in Stroud where he was... Read More

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Karibow - Holophinium

Karibow – Holophinium

Published on 2nd June 2016 | by Rob Fisher

Being human is a struggle. Questions of who we are, what we are and how we should live have perplexed philosophers throughout history. They have formed the intriguing plot-lines of a plethora of science fiction films... Read More

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Fuschia - Fuschia

Fuchsia – Fuchsia

Published on 1st June 2016 | by Basil Francis

Fuchsia might just be one of Esoteric’s most intriguing releases! Formed in 1971 at Exeter University, this prog folk outfit was made up of six students in total, three boys and three girls. The boys played... Read More

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Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling

Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling

Published on 28th May 2016 | by Jez Rowden

“TTT is at the cutting edge of contemporary music. Watch your fingers!” – Brian Eno When Eno says something like that you’d do well to listen. Three Trapped Tigers are an instrumental noise-rock trio from London.... Read More

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