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Aisles - Hawaii

Aisles – Hawaii

Published on 11th August 2016 | by Tony Colvill

4:15 AM came to be like a breath of fresh air. I hate that bloody alarm clock. Likewise, 4:45 AM, the last Aisles album, was also an introduction to something new and easily slipped into my... Read More

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Herd of Instinct - Manifestation

Herd of Instinct – Manifestation

Published on 10th August 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

Three years on from their last album, the rather fine Conjure, American band Herd of Instinct are back with another excursion into sinuous alt-prog instrumental territory with a selection of tunes built around a base of... Read More

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Quantum Jump - Barracuda

Quantum Jump – Barracuda

Published on 9th August 2016 | by Basil Francis

This review may seem well overdue, given that my review of Quantum Jump’s self-titled debut was published in January. Esoteric did not have Barracuda in stock at the time. Fortunately though, there has been a re-pressing... Read More

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Steve Hughes - Once We Were, Part One

Steve Hughes – Once We Were (Part One)

Published on 8th August 2016 | by Leo Trimming

A year on from the enigmatic and sonically diverse tour de force that was Tales from the Silent Ocean, Steve Hughes’ debut solo release, the imaginative album Once We Were (Part One) has been released by... Read More

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Airbag - Disconnected

Airbag – Disconnected

Published on 5th August 2016 | by Rob Fisher

2016 has seen a veritable outpouring of releases which express and embody a seemingly deep-seated contemporary preoccupation with despair and despondency. Melancholic gloom is finding strong, heart-felt resonances in the work of many song writers, bands,... Read More

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The Mercury Tree - Permutations

The Mercury Tree – Permutations

Published on 3rd August 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

If I told you Mercury Tree have been roped into that driest of sub-genres “math rock” in the past it may put you off reading further. However, this Tree do human things with the dusty academic... Read More

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Santana - IV

Santana – IV

Published on 2nd August 2016 | by Professor Mark

Santana is a name known globally; Carlos and his band were at Woodstock in 1969, that performance and the many decades of music since helping to cement his claim to being one of the world’s greatest... Read More

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Macroscream - Macroscream

Macroscream – Macroscream

Published on 1st August 2016 | by Jez Rowden

Another new band to me, Macroscream, hailing from Rome, feature a core sextet who cover a lot of instrumental ground already, to which is added a cast of seemingly dozens contributing vocals, brass and woodwind, padding... Read More

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Drifting Sun - Safe Asylum

Drifting Sun – Safe Asylum

Published on 31st July 2016 | by Tony Colvill

2016 is becoming increasingly difficult, at year end my editor will say “what are your top ten for the year?” and I’m up to five already. No, make that six. I loved the last Drifting Sun... Read More

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Frost* - Falling Satellites

Frost* – Falling Satellites

Published on 29th July 2016 | by Rob Fisher

Sound. Big, big sound. Glorious walls of sizzling, throbbing, energetic sound which sweep you along and enthusiastically caress you with a fizzing sense of vibrancy and effervescence. Eight years on from the highly regarded Experiments in... Read More

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