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Nosound - Scintilla

Nosound – Scintilla

Published on 26th August 2016 | by Mel Allen

Continuing my recent batch of reviews of Italian bands, we arrive at Nosound’s fifth album, Scintilla. I have been looking forward to this one as I have really enjoyed their previous work. This album has been... Read More

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Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight

Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

Published on 24th August 2016 | by Rob Fisher

Theories of Flight is a delightfully surprising and quite beautifully crafted mosaic of poignant lyrics and powerful, captivating music whose ultimate strength comes from being taken together rather than as a collection of individual tracks. Repeated... Read More

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Eveline's Dust - The Painkeeper

Eveline’s Dust – The Painkeeper

Published on 21st August 2016 | by Mel Allen

There appears to be a wealth of good music coming from Italy at the moment and it is encouraging to see young bands picking up the progressive rock banners and charging forward. Eveline’s Dust is one... Read More

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Erik Norlander - Surreal

Erik Norlander – Surreal

Published on 20th August 2016 | by Professor Mark

Erik Norlander is one of progressive rock’s most prolific keyboardists. With the loss of Keith Emerson earlier this year, the need for creative keyboardists for the future has increased but Norlander is also a link to... Read More

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7Shades - Bursting

7Shades – Bursting

Published on 18th August 2016 | by Roger Trenwith

About nine months or so ago, after decades of sporadically trying, I suddenly “got” Cardiacs. The penny did not so much drop as knock me down like a soppy Great Dane, and then proceeded to give... Read More

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Karmakanic - dot

Karmakanic – dot

Published on 16th August 2016 | by Uygar Başpehlivan

Labelled and marketed as a progressive rock album, Karmakanic’s newest release lacks the sort of authenticity and creativity that one expects from the genre. Instead, the 50-minute album is a well-recorded and mechanically composed symphonic album,... Read More

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Edge of Reality - Vicious Circle

Edge Of Reality – Vicious Circle

Published on 15th August 2016 | by Basil Francis

If any of you are like me and feel that Haken’s latest album, Affinity, was rather lacklustre (I have to say, it seems as if a lot of you aren’t) then you can stop feeling glum... Read More

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The Posies - Solid States

The Posies – Solid States

Published on 14th August 2016 | by Professor Mark

The Posies were formed in 1987 in Bellingham, near Seattle in Washington State, by legendary songwriters Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow. I have been a fan of their music since the 1990s and some of my... Read More

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Afenginn - Opus

Afenginn – OPUS

Published on 13th August 2016 | by Jez Rowden

If you, like me, often find yourself perusing European forestry statistics then I’m sure that you’d have noted that Denmark is not as big in wood as it is in bacon, lagging far behind its Germanic... Read More

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