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Pixie Ninja - Colour Out Of Space

Pixie Ninja – Colour Out of Space

Published on 7th July 2020 | by Mel Allen

Pixie Ninja follow up their highly successful 2018 debut album Ultrasound with this excellent new second album, Colours Out of Space, continuing to strengthen my belief that great music still flows out of Norway. There is... Read More

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Steve Howe - Love Is

Steve Howe – Love Is

Published on 5th July 2020 | by Bob Mulvey

Steve Howe – Yes, Asia, guitar legend… no further introduction needed or offered. According to the press release Love Is is his “first solo album since the all-instrumental Time in 2011”, although in the interim period... Read More

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I Am The Manic Whale – Things Unseen

I Am The Manic Whale – Things Unseen

Published on 4th July 2020 | by Graham Thomas

A gentle piano intro, and the voice intoning a complex and odd melody, “picking melodies out of the black and fumy air” indeed. Then, something stirs, crashing chords, strident bass and drums, and a synth melody... Read More

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Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear

Green Carnation – Leaves of Yesteryear

Published on 3rd July 2020 | by Nick Hudson

New music from Green Carnation has long been awaited by many. It’s been twenty years since their debut, and almost fifteen since their most recent release. Leaves of Yesteryear is an absolutely outstanding return to form,... Read More

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McStine & Minnemann - McStine & Minnemann

McStine & Minnemann – McStine & Minnemann

Published on 2nd July 2020 | by Jez Rowden

Marco Minnemann has been my favourite drummer for many years now, always exciting, everything he does is worthy of attention, and this debut album with guitarist and songwriter Randy McStine is no exception. The duo take... Read More

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Kansas - Absence of Presence

Kansas – The Absence of Presence

Published on 1st July 2020 | by Pana Markides

There is lots to be excited about with classic rock veterans Kansas’ latest effort, The Absence of Presence. First, the album marks a milestone in that it’s been 50 years since the band formed in 1970... Read More

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Bismarck - Oneiromancer

Bismarck – Oneiromancer

Published on 29th June 2020 | by Nick Hudson

I’d never heard of Norwegian band Bismarck before. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, and was even a little wary based on the cover art. Truth be told, if Oneiromancer were not released on Apollon,... Read More

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