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Franck Carducci - The Answer

Franck Carducci – The Answer

Published on 5th December 2019 | by Leo Trimming

Flamboyant French rock musician Franck Carducci, with his very talented band, is becoming increasingly well known for his entertaining and spectacular live shows, full of eye-catching theatre, humour and high-quality musicianship, conveyed with great style and... Read More

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Yes - From A Page

Yes – From A Page

Published on 4th December 2019 | by John Wenlock-Smith

This release came right out of the blue with little fanfare and little advance press release. There was no huge media PR campaign, it seemed to emerge from the mists of time in a somewhat unusual... Read More

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Frank Wyatt - Zeitgeist

Frank Wyatt & Friends – Zeitgeist

Published on 3rd December 2019 | by Kevan Furbank

Sometimes great art can come out of adversity. Take the case of Happy The Man founder Frank Wyatt. Five years ago he was diagnosed with ‘the Big C’ and told that time was short. But he... Read More

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Martin Archer – Anthropology Band

Martin Archer – Anthropology Band

Published on 1st December 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

Martin Archer, creative hub of the Sheffield jazz/avant music scene, and main man behind Discus Music, has realised a long-held ambition with this album, presenting the same music in two strikingly different formats. The former relays... Read More

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RPWL - Live from Outer Space

RPWL – Live from Outer Space

Published on 30th November 2019 | by Leo Trimming

Earlier this year German progressive rock band RPWL toured Europe and the U.K. with their latest album, Tales from Outer Space, seemingly inspired by science fiction, although these tales shone a rather stark satirical light on... Read More

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Kayo Dot - Blasphemy

Kayo Dot – Blasphemy

Published on 27th November 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

Toby Driver is one of a few true musical visionaries in this corner of creativity, but there’s a good chance you have not heard of him. For many years now he has been steering the good... Read More

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no-man - Love You to Bits

no-man – Love You To Bits

Published on 25th November 2019 | by Mel Allen

No-man return eleven years after their last album, Schoolyard Ghosts, with their new offering Love You To Bits; an album that is so different from previous recordings that it borders on genius. This is a concept... Read More

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Afenginn - Klingra

Afenginn – Klingra

Published on 23rd November 2019 | by Jez Rowden

Was it not Jebediah Springfield who once said: “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man”? Likewise, and with all certainty, music of true quality embiggens the soul, and few artists have a spirit as noble as... Read More

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Jack O'The Clock - Witness

Jack O’The Clock – Witness

Published on 22nd November 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

Living on the wrong side of The Pond, it is highly unlikely I will ever get to see the thoroughly beguiling modern skewed Americana construct who trade under the unlikely name of Jack O’The Clock cast... Read More

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Lacuna Coil - Black Anima

Lacuna Coil – Black Anima

Published on 21st November 2019 | by Tony Colvill

I love the non-cookie monster version of Lacuna Coil, and despite the fact that the said creature is evident in this album, I do find that overall I’m still smiling after the last track. Cristina Scabbia’s... Read More

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