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John Holden - Rise And Fall

John Holden – Rise And Fall

Published on 16th February 2020 | by Leo Trimming

To put it very simply, John Holden has done it again. Lightning has indeed struck twice, after 2018’s Capture Light. In Rise And Fall, John Holden has released a very fine album, encompassing a range of... Read More

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Klan - Senne Wedrowki

Klan – Senne Wędrówki

Published on 15th February 2020 | by Alex Driessen

The quartet from Warsaw, founded in 1969, celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, an ideal opportunity to re-release a number of older albums and to bring them to the attention with, in addition to Mrowisko, also... Read More

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Guranfoe - Sum of Erda

Guranfoe – Sum of Erda

Published on 15th February 2020 | by Nick Hudson

There are many bands playing the almost oxymoronic styled retro-prog, and few do it in a way that interests me. If the music is too honorific, derivative or comparable with the greats of the past, I... Read More

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Marjana Semkina - Sleepwalking

Mariana Semkina – Sleepwalking

Published on 14th February 2020 | by Nick Hudson

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Mariana Semkina’s first solo outing, but it wasn’t the opening track of Sleepwalking. Dark Matter treads the same neo-classical approach of iamthemorning, though Gleb’s piano is noticeably absent,... Read More

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Doringo - Gužva u Svemiru

Doringo – Gužva u Svemiru

Published on 13th February 2020 | by Nick Hudson

The second studio release of Croatian band Doringo, Gužva u Svemiru is described by the band as their first venture into a form of world music they are calling ‘geographical rock’, or geo-rock. It’s an interesting... Read More

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Phil Lively - The Fall

Phil Lively – The Fall

Published on 12th February 2020 | by Nick Hudson

I’ve been asked to preface this review with a disclaimer. As the newest writer for The Progressive Aspect, I’m the only one who doesn’t know Phil Lively (who also writes for this site), and so I... Read More

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Nektar - The Other Side

Nektar – The Other Side

Published on 10th February 2020 | by Graham Thomas

The idea of a new Nektar album in 2020 is not really something I’d have expected. After the sad death in 2016 of Roye Albrighton, founder guitarist and much-loved character, it seemed that the band would... Read More

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Alan Emslie - AE 50

Alan Emslie – AE 50

Published on 9th February 2020 | by Bob Mulvey

With precision timing, as one might expect from a drummer, Alan Emslie returned in late 2019 with his latest offering. As with other recent albums on the now customary release date of 21st December… I’ll let... Read More

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Talinka - Rainbow Over Kolonaki

Talinka – Rainbow Over Kolonaki

Published on 7th February 2020 | by Mel Allen

Back in 2017 I had the privilege to review Talinka’s debut album which made quite an impression on me. In that review I stated that the album would help to convince people who find that jazz... Read More

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