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Album Reissues

Fruupp - Maid In Ireland

Fruupp – Maid In Ireland

Published on 25th July 2020 | by Leo Trimming

The history of Progressive Rock is strewn with a strange variety of bands who were active in ‘Prog’s Golden Era’ of the early ’70s and then disappeared, receding into the distant memories of some and forgotten... Read More

Album Reissues

Edgar Froese – Dalinetopia

Edgar Froese – Dalinetopia

Published on 29th May 2020 | by Tony Colvill

For lovers of the weird and wonderful, the late Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream, who produced some wonderful atmospheric albums; my first being Aqua, my mother’s interpretation being something along the lines of “Can you shut... Read More

Album Reissues

Hawkwind - Roadhawks

Hawkwind – Roadhawks

Published on 26th April 2020 | by Mel Allen

Hawkwind have a great track record of releases, and to be fair it is rare that any fall through the re-release net, but here we have one that maybe did. Roadhawks gets its first release on... Read More

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