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9th November 2022 | by The Progressive Aspect

From Avant to Zeuhl – and anything in between: Canterbury | jazz-rock & fusion | Krautrock | post rock |... Read More

Remembering Alan White

27th May 2022 | by Basil Francis

We’re in the 2020s now, a half century since progressive rock’s so-called ‘classic era’, which is at least another twenty... Read More

Fading Lights

2nd April 2022 | by Alex Driessen

Genesis visited the Netherlands. And no, I wasn’t there. A conscious decision. In 2007, however, I actually made it, together... Read More

Too Bad

9th March 2022 | by Alex Driessen

Imagine: you are looking for a new electrical appliance and after some research at home you arrive at your favourite... Read More

TPA Best Albums of 2021

1st January 2022 | by The Progressive Aspect

Happy New Year! Well, hopefully things will start to show an improvement at last. Despite the restrictions on social gatherings,... Read More

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