Mystery - Redemption

Mystery – Redemption

Canadian melodic and symphonic progressive rock band Mystery will release their eighth studio album, Redemption, on 15th May. It has been five years since their last album, the highly-acclaimed Lies and Butterflies, and whilst the live releases Live in Poznan…

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Ascher – Beginnings

Ascher – Beginnings

Hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida (not renowned for being a hot bed for prog rock), the band Ascher have produced an excellent debut album entitled, appropriately, Beginnings. Over nine diverse and entertaining tracks, five of which are instrumental,…

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Kite Parade - Retro

Kite Parade – Retro

When multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Andy Foster produced his debut release, The Way Home, a year ago, I was bowled over by the sheer melodic vibrancy on show. Like condensed sunshine, the raft of accessible, and yet deceptively complex songs were…

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Cydonia – Stations

Cydonia – Stations

Stations is the exciting and intriguing debut album by German progressive rock quintet Cydonia. Hailing from Freiburg im Breisgau, the band date back to 2007. Originally known as Hills of Cydonia, they played instrumental music until 2019, when singer Michael…

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