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Published on 1st May 2021

TPA News – May 2021

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Latest Prog News from across the progressive music spectrum & updated throughout May 2021

05/05/2021: The Stick Men hit the UK this October

Stick Men - Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter

Stick Men featuring Tony Levin Official, Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter have four UK shows (with more to come hopefully) this October…

01/10/21: Waterside Arts Centre, SALE
03/10/21: Brundenell Social Club, LEEDS
06/10/21: The Crescent, YORK
08/10/21: Trading Boundaries, FLETCHING


04/05/2021: Robert Fripp and The Grid announce the release of Leviathan in June 2021

Next month sees the release of Leviathan, a new collaborative album from electronic duo The Grid and Robert Fripp, which sees the combining of long-lost Fripp Soundscape session tapes from 1992 and new synth, drums, programming and effects by The Grid.

Recorded in 1992 at Eastcote Studios in West London when Richard Norris and Dave Ball, aka The Grid (via then manager David Enthoven who also managed King Crimson) recorded an ambient electronic session with Soundscape guitarist extraordinaire Robert Fripp.

Norris notes: ‘This was a great honour for us, as both Dave and myself were, and remain, massive fans of Robert’s work. I can remember seeing Robert playing a free session at the Probe record shop in Liverpool when I was at college there in the 80s, playing Frippertronics and answering questions in between. It had a big effect on me – seeing his small mobile intelligent unit in action, a big artist playing in this tiny record shop’.

‘Robert’s craft and musicianship was slightly daunting to us at first, being from a more DIY, post-punk electronic background, but we soon worked out a language to communicate in. “Make it sound like a thunderstorm…”, “I’m going to make a sound like a bomb”, that kind of thing. After every track, Robert would say “Have you got any more?” and seemed to be greatly enjoying himself. He was a very generous guest’.

The resulting Fripp recordings provided material for much of The Grid’s second album ‘456’ and their Top 20 follow-up album ‘Evolver’.

But there was more, much more…

The Grid/Fripp - LeviathanA few years ago, The Grid found some old tapes from these sessions including unreleased tracks they’d demoed that had been forgotten about. A set of long solo drone pieces from Fripp was discovered along with a lost demo track that was then remixed to become ‘A Cabala Sky’ by The Grid / Fripp and released as part of Bill Brewster’s acclaimed ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation series in 2014.

Since then, more Frippertronic / drone pieces from around the same period were unearthed by Fripp’s team, which inspired The Grid to add new synths, drums, programming and effects and create the album ‘Leviathan’.

Inspired by the mythical whale ‘Leviathan’, the biggest prehistoric whale that ever lived, Norris adds ‘I like Philip Hoare’s book “Leviathan”, which is about his obsession with whales and whale watching and the awe of coming into contact with such massive creatures. They are quite mysterious. Their brains are enormous, and we don’t quite know what all the brain power is doing… A bit like Robert, really’.

‘Leviathan’ flows beautifully starting with an expansive atmosphere and sound which certainly feels like the noise coming from the depths of a whales belly – dark ambient / soundscapes gradually building layers and introducing textures and beats over the course of the album.

Leviathan will be released on 25th June 2021 and available as: Double Disc CD/DVD-A | Double Vinyl | Digital


03/05/2021: Marillion postpone European dates and the Port Zelande Weekend

Marillion - photo by Alan JonesPhoto by Alan Jones

Following advice from their European tour agents that the October 2021 concerts in France, The Netherlands and Germany may not be able to go ahead, the band have moved that part of the tour into 2022. New dates to be confirmed soon.

Further disappointment on the Marillion Facebook Page with the announcement that the Port Zelande Weekend, scheduled for March 2022, is to be moved to March 2023.

More positive news on the other 2022 Marillion Weekends in Leicester (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Lodz (Poland), Montreal (Canada) and Lisbon (Portugal) which will go ahead as planned.

Finally “the UK part of the tour in November looks to be full steam ahead (as much as anyone can be sure of anything at the moment), but all signs are pointing to concerts being permitted with no Covid restrictions in the UK in the Autumn.”

SOURCE: Marillion

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02/05/2021: Gentle Giant’s Free Hand – Steven Wilson remix to be released in June

Gentle Giant’s seventh album Free Hand, originally released in July 1975, is to undergo the Steven Wilson touch. Steven Wilson’s remixed version of Free Hand will be accompanied by custom animated visuals for each track on Blu-ray. The first to be released will be Just The Same

In addition the digipak CD will include the original flat mix, the original 1975 quad mix and an instrumental mix. Also a double vinyl album will be released with both the original flat mix and the Steven Wilson remixed version. The initial first pressing will include a limited edition transparent red version.

“Gentle Giant’s albums featured many songs with both literary subjects as well as social and personal commentary on life as rock musicians. “Free Hand” has more than most. The album’s title & first track was named “Freehand” because the band had just changed record labels and management and felt unshackled by prior contractual obligations. Putting these issues behind them upon its first release, Gentle Giant embarked on an extensive tour of North America and Europe, plus a short tour of the UK, to promote the album.”

Steven Wilson’s “tonal range and painstaking attention to sound quality make “Free Hand” sound as fresh today as it did on first release. A fitting tribute to the compositional skills and expertise of five dedicated musicians.”

Free Hand will be released in several formats: Blu-ray | Double LP | CD Digipack and scheduled for release on 25 June 2021. Pre-ordering is available HERE

SOURCE: Glass Onyon PR

01/05/2021: Bryan Beller talks to TPA

Bryan Beller - The Aristocrats, photo by Daniel Work

Recently Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats) spoke to Kevan Furbank reminiscing on how COVID impacted on their 2020 tour plans and talks about new live album Freeze! Live In Europe 2020

“Dominating the live album is the 19-minute Get It Like That, originally from The Aristocrats’ self-titled debut, that includes Minneman’s tribute to the late (and very lamented) Rush drummer Neil Peart. Bryan said: “He passed just one week before the start of our European second leg, and it was a heavy thing.

“Both Marco and I were heavily, deeply impacted by Rush in our early years, like so many musicians our age. How could you not be? Sometimes we would even jam little bits of Rush tunes in soundcheck. So when we started that leg of the tour, he said something at the first show about Neil, and then played some of Neil’s classic stuff in his drum solo. It went over really well, and it just felt right, so it ended up being a constant part of Marco’s solo on that leg of the tour only, which Guthrie and I supported fully.”

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SOURCE: The Progressive Aspect

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