Edenya - Silence

Edenya – Silence

As is often the case, several weeks can elapse between first hearing an album and finally getting around to giving it a ‘proper listen’. A caveat to this revisiting is – do I still remember the music? Happy to say…

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ADA#58 (A Different Aspect)

A Different Aspect #58

In this update we feature: • Cult Of Luna – The Raging River • Sturle Dagsland – Sturle Dagsland • Timo Kämäräinen – Blink And You Miss It • Bending Shapes – Uncomfortable Songs About life • Need – Norchestrion:…

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Jordsjø – Pastoralia

Jordsjø – Pastoralia

Jordsjø return with their third album Pastoralia, a release which I have looked forward too since I reviewed their last album, Nattfiolen. I have had the privilege to review their first two albums plus the compilation CD of their cassette…

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