Aborym - Hostile

Aborym – Hostile

One of the best things about reviewing music is that something can be thrown my way that I might otherwise not have come across. This happened recently, when I was offered Aborym’s latest album, Hostile. I knew of the band,…

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Stewart Clark

Stewart Clark

With guitarist and singer Stewart Clark‘s new album, Let’s Go There recently released, TPA’s Tony Colvill asks the question, ‘Who is Stewart Clark?’ Stewart Clark: I often wonder myself! Been making music since I was 15, I’m 62 now! Been…

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Strawbs - Settlement

Strawbs – Settlement

Settlement is Strawbs’ umpteenth album and the follow up to The Ferryman’s Curse which was a superb prog record released in November 2017, but unfortunately associated with the untimely demise of producer Chris Tsangarides a month later. This record too…

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35 Tapes - Home

35 Tapes – Home

It has only been in the last few years that I have discovered the talents of Scandinavian, and in particular Norwegian, progressive rock bands. Where have I been all my life? So imagine my delight when Prog Magazine introduced me…

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ADA#53 (A Different Aspect)

A Different Aspect #53

In this update we feature: • Tromb – I/O • Ikitan – Twenty-Twenty [EP] • Ping – The ZigZag Manoeuvre • Métronhomme – Tutto Il Tempo Del Monde ~ 1​.​òikos [EP] • Vulture Industries – The Malefactor’s Bloody Register •…

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