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TPA News – September 2020

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Latest Prog News from across the progressive music spectrum & updated throughout September 2020.

26/09/2020: Dream Theater to Release New Live Album Distant Memories – Live In London on 27th November

Dream Theater are set to release their ninth live album Distant Memories – Live in London on the 27th November 2020. Recorded at their sold-out show at the Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith, London, the release documents the band’s world tour in support of their latest studio album Distance Over Time and the 20-year anniversary of their seminal concept album Metropolis Part 2 – Scenes From A Memory.

The live version of “Pale Blue Dot” from the album can be viewed below:

Whether you had a chance to see this tour in person and want to relive what was hopefully an awesome concert experience or enjoying the performance on video for the first time, ‘Distant Memories – Live In London’ very accurately and very beautifully captures the energy and excitement we all felt together at the Apollo this past February,” explains guitarist John Petrucci.

Distant Memories – Live In London is the band’s first live album since 2014’s Breaking The Fourth Wall. The new release will be available in various formats including digital only, a 3-CD and 2 DVD multibox, a 3-CD and 2 Blu-Ray digipak with slipcase, a limited deluxe 3-CD + 2 Blu-Ray + 2 DVD Artbook and a limited 4-LP and 3-CD box set. The video components will also feature a Behind The Scenes look at the band as they get ready for the shows. All formats of Distant Memories – Live In London are now available for pre-order here:

Track List:
1. Untethered Angel
2. A Nightmare To Remember
3. Fall Into The Light
4. Barstool Warrior
5. In The Presence Of Enemies – Part 1
6. Pale Blue Dot
7. Scenes Live Intro
8. Scene One: Regression
9. Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
10. Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu
11. Scene Three: I. Through My Words
12. Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
13. Scene Four: Beyond This Life
14. Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
15. Scene Six: Home
16. Scene Seven: I. The Dance Of Eternity
17. Scene Seven: II. One Last Time
18. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
19. Scene Nine: Finally Free
20. At Wit’s End
21. Paralyzed (Bonus Track)

SOURCE: Cosanostra PR

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24/09/2020: FROST* Launch Trailer For Limited Artbook Anthology 13 Winters

FROST* have announced that on 20th November 2020, 13 Winters will be released through InsideOutMusic offering a comprehensive journey through their past releases. Spanning eight discs, Jem Godfrey is looking forward to sharing this anthology artbook: “It’s been a long time coming and has been a lot of work, but we’re finally there! My thanks to everybody at InsideOut for all their hard work on getting this together and also to Paul “Vitamin P” Tippett for the amazing new take on the album art!”

The 13 Winters artbook is limited to 3.000 copies worldwide and also features liner notes by Nick Shilton (PROG). Presales are available now:

A trailer for the collection can be viewed below:

In addition to the limited physical edition, all discs included in this set will be available digitally on 20th November 2020 as well. A new album by FROST* is expected to be released in Spring 2021.

FROST* – 13 Winters
Disc 1 – Milliontown (2006) Remaster 2020

  1. Hyperventilate (Remaster 2020)
  2. No Me No You (Remaster 2020)
  3. Snowman (Remaster 2020)
  4. Black Light Machine (Remaster 2020)
  5. The Other Me (Remaster 2020)
  6. Milliontown (Remaster 2020)

Disc 2 – Experiments In Mass Appeal (2008) Remix/Remaster 2020

  1. Experiments In Mass Appeal (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  2. Welcome To Nowhere (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  3. Pocket Sun (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  4. Saline (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  5. Dear Dead Days (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  6. Falling Down (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  7. You/I (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  8. Toys (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  9. Wonderland (Remix/Remaster 2020)
  10. The Secret Song (Remix/Remaster 2020)

Disc 3 – Falling Satellites (2016) Remaster 2020

  1. First Day (Remaster 2020)
  2. Numbers (Remaster 2020)
  3. Towerblock (Remaster 2020)
  4. Signs (Remaster 2020)
  5. Lights Out (Remaster 2020)
  6. Heartstrings (Remaster 2020)
  7. Closer To The Sun (Remaster 2020)
  8. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light Blues In 7/8 (Remaster 2020)
  9. Nice Day For It (Remaster 2020)
  10. Hypoventilate (Remaster 2020)
  11. Last Day (Remaster 2020)

Disc 4 – Falling Satellites – Instrumentals (2016) Remaster 2020

  1. First Day (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  2. Numbers (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  3. Towerblock (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  4. Signs (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  5. Lights Out (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  6. Heartstrings (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  7. Closer To The Sun (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  8. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light Blues in 7/8 (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  9. Nice Day For It… (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  10. Hypoventilate (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)
  11. Last Day (Instrumental/Remaster 2020)

Disc 5 – Falling Satellive – Live 2017

  1. Numbers (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  2. Towerblock (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  3. Signs (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  4. Lights Out (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  5. Heartstrings (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  6. Closer To The Sun (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  7. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light Blues In 7/8 (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  8. Nice Day For It… (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  9. Hypoventilate (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
  10. Last Day (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)

Disc 6 – Others – EP

  1. Fathers
  2. Clouda
  3. Exhibit A
  4. Fathom
  5. Eat
  6. Drown

Disc 7 – The Philadelphia Experiment – Live 2009

  1. Intro (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  2. Hyperventilate (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  3. Wonderland (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  4. Black Light Machine (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  5. Snowman (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  6. Saline (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  7. Milliontown (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)
  8. The Other Me (Live at The Keswick Theatre, Glenside, 2nd May 2009)

Disc 8 – This And That – B-Sides And Rarities

  1. The Dividing Line
  2. Lantern
  3. British Wintertime
  4. The Forget You Song
  5. Numbers (Day 1 Demo)
  6. Towerblock (Day 1 Demo)
  7. Heartstrings (Demo)
  8. Closer To The Sun (Demo)
  9. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light In 7/8 (Day 1 Demo)
  10. Last Day (Demo)
  11. Hyperventilate Hypoventilate Paulstretch Test

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

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22/09/2020: David Longdon talks to TPA

Judy Dyble & David Longdon - photo by Greg Spawton

Recently Big Big Train’s David Longdon took time out to chat with TPA about the Dyble Longdon Between a Breath and a Breath album.

“It was at Big Big Train’s live performance at King’s Place in 2015 that Judy first met David Longdon. She immediately decided that she wanted to sing with him. “It was a Sunday afternoon”, said David, “and she came to the matinee with a friend of ours, who introduced me to her. I was a big fan.

“Judy asked if I would like to work with her. She sent me some great lyrics, which inspired the music, and over the years we’ve become good friends. Judy duetted with me on The Ivy Gate, which appears on Big Big Train’s Grimspound album. The Dyble Longdon album is a natural development on from this piece.”

You can read the full interview HERE on TPA

22/09/2020: Anathema Announce ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

In short announcement posted to Facebook, Anathema announce the band have decided to take an ‘indefinite haitus’.

A copy of the announcement is posted below, but comes as something of a surprise given Daniel’s posting on the band’s web page stating: “Dear Anathema family, We will beat this. This virus has no chance against the human spirit. Every day I hear heartwarming stories of people coming together in one way or another for the benefit of the for the greater good. I can feel it in the air.”

SOURCE: Anathema

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21/09/2020: Clive Nolan Releases New Book Nightmares, Nonsense and Nursery Rhymes

In a Facebook post this morning, Clive Nolan has announced the release of his new book, Nightmares, Nonsense and Nursery Rhymes, which he describes as “my collected lyrics of Shadowland along with many insights and anecdotes about the band and their songs.

Clive comments: “If you like Shadowland, then this is an essential… if you are a prog fan, then this is well worth a read… if you find the workings of a band interesting, then this deserves a browse… if you don’t really care at all, then this is the perfect book to add a touch of mystery to your coffee table – or something to stick under one of the coffee table legs.

‘Nightmares, Nonsense and Nursery Rhymes’ is over 100 pages long, exploring the inspiration behind the songs, and sharing amusing stories from behind the scenes.

Special INTRODUCTORY OFFER of £10 for one week only!

Buy it now and keep another musician off the streets! 

Simply go to Amazon and search for ‘Clive Nolan Nightmares’

SOURCE: Clive Nolan

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19/09/2020: Former Uriah Heep and Ozzy Ozbourne Drummer Lee Kerslake Dies at the Age of 73.

Former Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake has passed away today at the age of 73 following a long battle with prostate cancer.

Rolling Stone Magazine report that former Uriah Heep bandmate Ken Hensley confirmed the drummer’s death in a statement (via Louder), “It’s with the heaviest of hearts that I share with you that Lee Kerslake, my friend of 55 years and the best drummer I ever played with, lost his battle with cancer at 03:30 this morning. He died peacefully, praise The Lord, but he will be terribly missed.

Writing on Facebook, Mick Box writes, “Lee was one of the kindest men on earth, as well as being a brother he was an incredible drummer, singer and song writer! He had a passion for life bar none and was much loved by the fans, as well as anyone who crossed his path!

Kerslake was the drummer on Ozzy Osbourne’s first two solo albums Blizzard of Oz (1980) and Diary of a Madman (1981) along with guitarist Randy Rhoads. He joined Uriah Heep in 1972, leaving in 1978 before re-joining again in 1982 through to 2007.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

18/09/2020: Thomas Anderson talks to TPA

Thomas Andersen - photo credit Nina Rojina Krømer

Gazpacho imminently release their latest and most ambitious album, Fireworker. Keyboardist and one of the main songwriters, Thomas Andersen, spoke with The Progressive Aspect’s Leo Trimming about the concept behind this imaginative and epic piece of work.

So that’s the instinctive core of Fireworker?

“The concept is that ‘thing’ controls you chemically. If it doesn’t agree with the path you’re taking it will punish you with severe depression, extreme anxiety and various mental illnesses. It will force you to do whatever it wants. What I’m saying is that there is no such thing as ‘Free Will’. It will actually make the decision but allow you to rationalise that you made the decision.

“In the opening song Space Cowboy, the Brain is a large cave, and the person travels inwards to see if it’s possible to reach deep down inside and see the ‘Fireworker’ himself – also known as the ‘Space Cowboy’, or ‘The Lizard’. Can you confront it and see who’s in charge? That’s the concept. The choir you can hear in ‘Space Cowboy’ is the Mind trying to warn him not to come any further. I’m sorry I’m talking all the time – you’ve got me fired up!”

You can read the full interview HERE on TPA

18/09/2020: Gazpacho Share New Video for Title Track of their New Album Fireworker Released Today on Kscope Today

To coincide with the release of their new studio album,Fireworkertoday, Gazpacho have released a video for the title track.

Thomas Anderson from the band explains the video’s meaning: “To celebrate the release of “Fireworker” here is the film for the track. The album is about our deepest instinctual side and the fireworker who controls us from within. The existence of this entity seems to be something we have always known and celebrated within our older cultures through rituals where we have projected sides of the fireworker onto Gods. We recognised these sides of our personalities as alien and not a true part of us. The masks that have been used all seem to reveal sides of the creature and they are many and varied. This film shows a small selection of the faces of the Fireworker. May it look upon you with mercy. Enjoy!”

The band’s latest release, the follow up to 2018’s album Soyuz, follows the band’s tradition of blending philosophical quandaries, literary leanings, and personal turmoil. Fireworker has been released on Kscope on CD, a gatefold 2LP on 180g black vinyl  (3 sides audio, 1 side art etching) and digitally and is available to order HERE

Gazpacho Tour
The band’s European and UK dates with Pure Reason Revolution originally scheduled for October 2020 have been postponed to October 2021 – new dates below

08.10 Warsaw (PL), Progresja
09.10 Poznan (PL), U Bazyla
10.10 Berlin (DE), Columbia Theater
12.10 Cologne (DE), Die Kantine
14.10 Zwolle (NL), Hedon
15.10 Breda (NL), Mezz
16.10 Paris (FR), Petit Bain
17.10 London (UK), Islington Assembly Hall

Thomas Andersen – keyboards, programming
Jan-Henrik Ohme – vocals
Jon-Arne Vibo – guitars
Mikael Krømer – violin, additional guitars
Kristian “Fido” Torp – bass

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

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10/09/2020:  Lunatic Soul Announce Seventh Studio Album Through Shaded Woods for 13th November 2020 Release

Mariusz Duda has revealed the seventh studio album from Lunatic Soul will be entitled “Through Shaded Woods” and is due for release on 13th November 2020.

Duda comments: “”Shaded Woods” are our worst traumas and nightmares. Going through these woods symbolises facing them. It’s a test of courage. Musically, we’re going on a journey inspired by dark Scandinavian and Slavic folk. “Through Shaded Woods” will be released as a single LP, a single CD and a special extended double CD version containing, among others, a suite “Transition II”. It will also be available on all streaming services and digital platforms.

Track List:
1. Navvie 04:03
2. The Passage 08:57
3. Through Shaded Woods 05:51
4. Oblivion 05:03
5. Summoning Dance 09:52
6. The Fountain 06:04

Bonus disc:
1. Vyraj 05:32
2. Hylophobia 03:20
3. Transition II 27:45

The first single from the album will be out on September 25th.

SOURCE: Lunatic Soul Facebook

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10/09/2020: Katatonia Announce Details of their New Live Album Dead Air Set for Release on 13th November Through Peaceville.

Swedish band Kataonia are to release a new live album featuring an extensive set of fan favourites plus the live premiere of 3 songs from City Burials, captured during their May 2020 lockdown session.

Formed in 1991 by Jonas Renkse & Anders Nyström, 2020 saw Katatonia present their eleventh studio album City Burials. Following in its footsteps, Dead Air is set to capture the recent strange times.

With the unforeseen global event of Covid-19 which resulted in touring being made all but impossible for artists internationally, Katatonia conducted a more intimate “lockdown” show which was streamed live from Studio Grondahl, Stockholm on 9th May. Dead Air offers a full 88-minute set containing 20 tracks from the band’s extensive repertoire to date, whilst also debuting three of the City Burialsalbum tracks in a live setting.

“Due to an overwhelming demand, we are proud to confirm that our lockdown livestream from Gröndahl earlier this year will now see a physical release where you can re-experience the #20 most wanted songs exclusively voted by our fans from all around the world. This very special evening of May 9th will forever serve us as a memory of something equally weird as fantastic, so it feels essential to make it available as something you can touch and own forever”, comments Anders Nyström.

The recording, mixing & engineering work was orchestrated by David Castillo, notable for his extensive body of work with Katatonia to date, and the performance itself was professionally filmed by Blackbox Video. The artwork has been created by long-running collaborator, Travis Smith.

Dead Air will be released on the 13th November as a gatefold double LP; a limited edition 3-disc set featuring 2 audio discs and DVD format and digitally and is available to pre-order now from

Track List:

  1. Lethean (Dead Air Session)[06:00]
  2. Teargas (Dead Air Session) [03:17]
  3. Serein (Dead Air Session)[04:47]
  4. Deliberation (Dead Air Session)[03:57]
  5. The Winter Of Our Passing (Dead Air Session)[03:08]
  6. Ghost Of The Sun (Dead Air Session)[04:07]
  7. The Racing Heart (Dead Air Session)[04:26]
  8. Soil`s Song (Dead Air Session)[04:07]
  9. Old Heart Falls (Dead Air Session)[04:25]
  10. Forsaker (Dead Air Session)[04:10]
  11. Tonight`s Music (Dead Air Session)[04:22]
  12. In The White (Dead Air Session)[04:57]
  13. Leaders (Dead Air Session)[04:17]
  14. Lacquer (Dead Air Session)[04:51]
  15. Omerta (Dead Air Session)[03:09]
  16. My Twin (Dead Air Session)[03:38]
  17. Unfurl (Dead Air Session)[04:52]
  18. July (Dead Air Session)[04:48]
  19. Evidence (Dead Air Session)[05:29]
  20. Behind The Blood (Dead Air Session)[05:06]

Jonas Renkse – vocals
Anders Nyström – guitar
Niklas Sandin – bass
Daniel Moilanen – drums
Roger Öjersson – guitar

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

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08/09/2020: Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion Premiere New Music Video ‘All Those Faces’

Swedish progressive rock band Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion have released their new video called All Those Faces. The message of the mini-movie is about a tribute to the audience and music fans around the globe. In a world of cancelled tours and festivals, they came up with the idea of making a video where both the band and fans are applying “social distancing”, in an attempt to keep in contact with the audience.

Hasse comments: “To us this is a positive song, and the video made by Mr Johnny Taxén reflects that in a nice way. If you like what you hear and see, feel free to share. Last but not least, a big thank you to All Those Faces that appear in the video!” 

HFMC (Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion) released their debut album Future Past in August 2010. Since then three more studio albums have seen the light of day, Powerplay (2012), the self-titled album HFMC (2015) and Parallel Life (2019). In 2017 they released the live CD/DVD No Place Like Home. The band has been touring in Europe and USA, and played some major festivals. In October 2020 the band will enter the studio again to start the recording of their 5th studio album.


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07/09/2020: Methodica Release Third Single and Video ‘Before The Wrath‘, from Forthcoming New Album Clockworks

Methodica will release their third studio album Clockworks on the 2nd October 2020 and will be available in all formats. Waiting for the album release, the progressive metal band has today released the third single and video clip ‘Before The Wrath’ from the new album.

Max Piubelli, singer of the band, introduces the concept of the song: “Before The Wrath tells about human cruelty and indifference, galvanized and encouraged by today’s mass media – from social media to TV – where it is easier to destroy than to build, where the only form of opposition is awareness. The video made by Mose’s Productions stems from the concept expressed by the song, human indifference, which often ends in cruelty, in looking only at our own interest.”


06/09/2020: Galahad Electric Company announce the release of When The Battle Is Over

Galahad_When The Battle Is Over

Stuart Nicholson and Dean Baker have utilized the ‘lock-down’ period and have come up with a collection of songs and ideas, many of which they have decided to release under the name of the ‘Galahad Electric Company’ which has been re-activated for the first time in over 20 years.

Commenting on the release: “This is mainly because of the electronic nature of these songs although the album does contain an eclectic mix of styles including an adaptation of ‘My Orcha’d in Linden Lea’ which is an adaptation of the poem of the same name written in 1856 by the famous Dorset dialect poet and friend of Thomas Hardy, William Barnes. Others include a song featuring Stu’s cat Sammy Gorgeous on meows (Mysterioso), plus various nods to electronica, Krautrock, folk, opera, dance and gospel music as well as the usual progressive overtones.”

Part A: Suite 2020

1. Restoration (Intro) (3.00)
2. When the Battle is Over (5.45)
3. Be Careful… (4.50)
4. All That Binds Us (6.04)
5. The Inquisition (Intermezzo) (5.00)
Part B:
1. Letting Go (4.54)
2. Mysterioso (4.00)
3. 1976 (5.38)
4. My Orcha’d in Lindèn Lea (4.50)
5. Open Water (4.06)

Official Release Date: 5th October 2020

Preceding When The Battle Is Over Galahad will be releasing an EP, Open Water which will also feature a new version of an old Galahad classic from the mid 1980s Through The Looking Glass which has been re-worked and re-recorded by Stu and Dean. The single will be available to download/stream from Monday 14th September from the official Galahad Bandcamp site as well as other digital platforms.

SOURCE: Galahad

06/09/2020: Mark Kelly releases first music from forthcoming solo album Marathon

Mark Kelly releases the first music from his forthcoming studio album Marathon, scheduled for release in late November. The video shows Mark Kelly’s Marathon performing Amelia at Real World Studios, in July of this year…

Speaking to TPA’s Leo Trimming earlier this year Mark revealed: “I’ve been talking about it for many years but I’m actually quite far on with recording a solo album. I’ve pretty much finished writing and demoing with a bunch of musicians. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet but it’s definitely going to get done this year… so finally!” You can read the full interview HERE on TPA.

Marathon will be released on 29th November 2020 in 3 formats: CD | Vinyl | Limited Edition CD+DVD

SOURCE: Mark Kelly – Marathon

06/09/2020: Nightwish announce rescheduled European tour dates for May 2021

In a brief statement Tuomas Holopainen comments: “During these most peculiar and challenging times we’ve been forced to reschedule our shows, and that’s now also the case with the European leg of the Human. :II: Nature. World Tour.” Adding “This is a most unfortunate, but necessary move in order ensure everyone’s safety and make the best out of this bizarreness that all of you and us are going through.”

Nightwish 2021 European Tour Poster

SOURCE: Nightwish

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04/09/2020: Steve Hackett releases second taster Under The Eye Of the Sun taken from forthcoming DVD

Ahead of the release of Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith later this month, InsideOut Music premiere the live version of Under The Eye Of the Sun, taken from his most recent studio album At The Edge Of Light.

The concert was recorded at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, the final night of the tour. Steve Hackett was joined by his touring band of Roger King (keyboards), Jonas Reingold (bass), Rob Townsend (saxes/flutes), Craig Blundell (drums and percussion) with Nad Sylvan on vocals. Special guests for this performance were Steve’s brother John Hackett (flute) and Amanda Lehmann (guitar and vocals).

The first set of the concert includes tracks from Spectral Mornings, celebrating its 40th anniversary, and At The Edge Of Light. Steve and the band were joined by Amanda Lehmann on vocals and guitar and by John Hackett, on flute for The Virgin And The Gypsy and The Red Flower Of Tai Chi Blooms Everywhere.

The second part is the live recording of Selling England by the Pound album in its entirety, plus Déja Vu, a track initiated for the album by Peter Gabriel, but later completed by Steve.

The recording concludes with the concert encores of Dance On A Volcano and Los Endos.

Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith is scheduled for 25th September 2020, via InsideOut Music.

SOURCE: Steve Hackett

04/09/2020: Opeth announce first 30th Anniversary European Tour Dates


Opeth announce the first shows celebrating their 30th Anniversary! For now the “Evolution XXX ‘By Request’ Tour” sees 8 exclusive shows next year October with more shows to be added in due time.

Mikael Akerfeldt comments: ”So, we’re planning to celebrate a belated band-birthday, also known as BBB. How do we celebrate a thing like this, you ask? Well, we go to work. We are planning a very few select shows in 2021 where you basically have the collective choice of picking the songs for the setlist. Since we celebrate 30 years we would love to play a song from each album we’ve done. All 13 of them. If you can help us and pick your choice of one song per album from the list, and then we’ll simply play the songs with the most votes. It’s been done before, but not by us. I am reluctant and nervous, but also excited to see what songs you will choose. I can’t really believe we’ve been around for 30 years, but there you go. So please help us. And be gentle. The final setlist will have 13 songs. One from each album. Your call….”

Evolution XXX European Dates
13/10/21: Admiralspalast, Berlin
14/10/21: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden
15/10/21: Salle Pleyel, Paris
16/10/21: Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London
18/10/21: Historische Stadthalle,Wuppertal
19/10/21: TivoliVredenburg (Grote Zaal), Utrecht
20/10/21: TivoliVredenburg (Ronda), Utrecht
25/10/21: Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon

Tickets and the ‘By Request” poll will go live on Monday, 10:00 am [CET] on the official Opeth Website


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03/09/2020: Marillion Couch Convention 2020

4th, 5th, 6th September 2020

This coming weekend, Marillion will come together with thousands of fans globally, for their first, and in the own words “hopefully only”, Marillion Couch Convention.

We have a rare and beautiful relationship with our fans, says Steve Hogarth, the band’s singer. “We wanted to do something to let them know that we are with them; find a way to show our appreciation for the support they give to us and more importantly in strange times like these, each other.”

The band will broadcast their three most popular gig films on YouTube across the three nights, with support acts, introductions from the band and even a live Q&A hosted by Prog Magazine editor Jerry Ewing. The band will also be hosting virtual Q&A’s with fans, music masterclasses, a quiz, fan club meetups with band members, and even a run-along with keyboard player Mark Kelly and a cocktail class with guitarist Steve Rothery. There are opportunities to win a virtual photo with the band, virtual coffee with a band member and all sorts of other competitions, including an online dog show and prizes for the best photos from the weekend.

Lucy Jordache, the band’s manager for the last 20 years, says:When I realised that our 2021 conventions would not be going ahead, I wanted to give our fans something that might help them experience the amazing feeling our conventions famously have. As the COVID 19 crisis deepened, it became more and more important to bring our fans together in a virtual space, where they can feel the love and support from one another and the band.

All events over the weekend are free. The band have pre-sold merchandise (t-shirts, cushions, wine and beer glasses, banners and even confetti) to help fans get into the spirit of the event, and a rarities auction will take place over the weekend. With tough times being experienced across the globe, Marillion were keen for this to be a free event. However, an online tip jar will be live all weekend, for fans who might want to help out Marillion’s crew who have been hit hardest by the lack of live events.

Hogarth adds, “We’ve been completely amazed by the response of our fans to the idea of the Couch Convention and the merchandise we created for it. We sincerely thank them for their continuing love and support and hope to see them out on the road soon.

Marillion held their first global convention in April 2002. And now play Marillion Weekends all over the world including their bi-annual hiring of Center Parcs in Holland where they play to over 3000 fans from over 50 countries.

Marillion Couch Convention 2020, 4th, 5th & 6th September 2020
More information at:

SOURCE: The Publicity Connection

02/09/2020: Sanguine Hum reveal details of new studio album

Sanguine Hum - A Trace Of Memory

Sanguine Hum will release their latest studio album, A Trace Of Memory, via Bad Elephant Music. The slightly delayed album contains 42 minutes of music over seven tracks.

Commenting back in April: “The pandemic has given us that opportunity to take stock and review the music that we had been working on back in 2018 for a possible album – and we’re really excited by what we have recorded already. It’s been challenging but fun working out ways that we can complete this record from our respective lockdown locations!”

Last month the band added: “The final months proved to be MUCH harder than we anticipated as we faced the challenge of bringing an album together that had been recorded in seriously unusual circumstances.”

01. New Light (3:04)
02. The Yellow Ship (13:08)
03. Pyramids (4:50)
04. Thin Air (4:45)
05. Unstable Ground (4:10)
06. Still As The Sea (3:22)
07. Automaton (8:49)

Joff Winks – Guitar, Vocals, Piano (3), String Arrangements (2)
Matt Baber – Keys, Synths, Drums (4), Field Recordings
Brad Waissman – Bass, Chapman Stick, Upright Electric Bass
~ with
Paul Mallyon – Drums (2, 5, 6 & 7)
Andrew Booker – Electronic Percussion (1), Drums (3)

Although no official release date has been revealed, it is thought that A Trace Of Memory will ship early November. Pre-ordering will commence 2nd October 2020 (to tie in with Bandcamp no fees day).

SOURCE: Sanguine Hum

02/09/2020: The Flower Kings Announce New Double Album Islands for October Release with InsideOut Music

On 30th October 2020, The Flower Kings will release their new double album Islands on InsideOutMusic, just a year after the release of Waiting For Miracles.

Due to the Covid-19-pandemic, the album comes out sooner than originally planned as the band’s creative mastermind Roine Stolt explains: “All shows and festivals were cancelled and the future didn’t really ‘unfold’ itself like we had hoped. To sit out the pandemic with no activities was not an option for us! We can’t be stopped by an evil virus! So, with members living in the USA, Italy, Austria and Sweden, the only way to realize this album, was to use the magic of the ‘net’, sending files around the globe and start building what now has become a mammoth-sized double album of 21 songs.

The 92 minutes long Islands features artwork by Roger Dean (Yes, Asia, Gentle Giant, Greenslade, Uriah Heep). Stolt reveals the following about the concept of the record: “The theme of the album is isolation – so the title ‘Islands’ felt like a most relevant title – as much of it circulates around isolation, loss, and the fear of being disconnected. Having to face this unexpected pandemic will leave marks on each one of us for a very long time and to lose loved ones forces us to soldier on, learning and growing a stronger version of ourselves in this fragile cycle of life.
Musically; the aim has been to create a bigger grand epic piece out of 21 songs – so they are all connected with themes that weave in and out – like the way ‘Sgt Peppers’ or ‘The Lamb’ were built on shorter songs, but yet linked. So view it as one mega song or as 21 separate pieces, it is all tailored to be listened to as one piece – like a cinematic 90min long ride.”

Track List
Disc One (49:40)
1 – Racing With Blinders On 4:24
2 – From The Ground 4.02
3 – Black Swan 5:53
4 – Morning News 4:01
5 – Broken 6:38
6 – Goodbye Outrage 2:19
7 – Journeyman 1:43
8 – Tangerine 3:51
9 – Solaris 9:10
10 – Heart Of The Valley 4:18
11- Man In A Two Peace Suit 3:21

Disc Two (43:01)
1 – All I Need Is Love 5:48
2 – A New Species 5:45
3 – Northern Lights 5:43
4 – Hidden Angles 0:50
5 – Serpentine 3:52
6 – Looking For Answers 4:30
7 –Telescope 4:41
8 – Fool’s Gold 3:11
9 – Between Hope & Fear 4:29
10 – Islands 4:12

“Islands” will be available as Limited 3LP & 2CD box set with slipcase and 180 gram vinyl housed in two gatefolds, one single sleeve; as Limited Edition 2CD Digipak and Digital Album.

SOURCE: The Flower Kings

02/09/2020: Devin Townsend Launches Live Video for ‘Genesis’ from Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1

Devin Townsend will release Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 on the 23rd October 2020, a document of his Winter 2019 European tour.

Today sees the launch of the first clip from the release, and you can watch Devin and the Empath Volume 1 live band performing the track ‘Genesis’ below:

Devin comments: “Here is the first song we’ve chosen to release from the upcoming DVD concert, ‘Order Of Magnitude’ which was the first volume of my Empath touring band cycle.

This particular band consisted of ten people onstage, all without click tracks or backing tracks, with the aim of reproducing my work in a new and creative way. A lot of what I’ve done in the past has been very structured, and the opportunity to interpret the music with high degrees of improvisation and flow was a fantastic experience. This song, ‘Genesis’ from my latest album ‘Empath’ seemed an appropriate way to introduce this concert to the audience. It’s kind of an example of ‘musical anarchy’ in some ways- as the song is all over the place structurally to begin with. But to have a chaotic piece of music, played by these extraordinary musicians I had the honour of being with, in a no-holds-barred production, was really cathartic. It was about being free to do whatever we wanted in a time where rigid ideas of what is acceptable or not are stronger than ever. I hope you enjoy it. Volume 2 is next, and is in a lot of ways the polar opposite to this, but on my journey of musical exploration, I am grateful for all of it, so thanks again for the support.

Recorded in December 2019 in London, UK on the penultimate night of the tour in support of his latest album ‘Empath’, this run of shows saw Devin joined by guitarists Mike Kenneally (ex-Frank Zappa) and Markus Reuter (Stick Men, The Crimson Project), drummer Morgan Ågren (Kaipa, Mats & Morgan, Frank Zappa), bassist Nathan Navarro, Haken keyboard player Diego Tejeida, and guitarist/vocalist Ché Aimee Dorval, as well as vocalists Samantha & Anne Preis and Arabella Packford.

Devin comments: “The whole objective was that I wanted to make that statement: This is by the seat our pants,” he says. “Because it’s important to me to represent this hyper anal-retentive music that I’ve made over the years, but in a human way. Rather than it just being, ‘Well, here it is, perfectly done.’”

I was overwhelmed by the fact that all these brilliant people that I have so much respect for were willing to come together and play this weird shit with me,” says Devin. “I had these unique players and this interesting instrumentation that allowed us to interpret the music in different ways. It was clear to me that I could just have fun and be me and know that they would be effortlessly be able to follow that.

Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 will be released as a Limited Deluxe 2CD+Blu-Ray+DVD Artbook (including expanded artwork & photos), Limited 2CD+DVD Digipak, Standalone Blu-Ray, Gatefold 3LP+2CD vinyl box-set & as a Digital Album. The Blu-Ray disc includes a bonus behind the scenes documentary, and both DVD & Blu-Ray feature a 5.1 surround sound mix. Pre-orders are now available here:

Track List:
1. Borderlands
2. Evermore
3. War
4. Sprite
5. Gigpig Jam
6. Coast
7. Gato
8. Heavens End
9. Ain’t Never Gonna Win
10. Deadhead
11. Why?
12. Lucky Animals
13. Castaway/Genesis
14. Spirits Will Collide
15. Disco Inferno
16. Kingdom

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

01/09/2020: Blue Öyster Cult to Release New Album The Symbol Remains

Blue Öyster Cult are to release a new album entitled The Symbol Remains. The release comes almost two decades after the release of their last studio record, Curse Of The Hidden Mirror., and contains 14 new songs.

The sessions for the album began in 2019, including some songs being brought to the table that were already in the works. The goal was to craft an album giving an appropriate portrait of where the band is in the here and now. “As the song demos emerged, we realised there was as much if not more variety in style and content on this record as any in our history,” states BÖC lead vocalist and musician Eric Bloom. “We embraced this and the thing tying all the disparate elements together is the band’s sound and performance.”

The goal was for the new music to stand up to the quality and vitality of our legacy recordings and I believe we have successfully achieved that,” the band’s founder Donald ‘Buck Dharma’ Roeser concurs. “Other than that, the sound of our voices and style of our writing and playing can’t help but sound familiar to fans of our work.”

Bloom also explains that “The album title comes from a quote of an old Sandy Pearlman [famed BÖC producer and manager] lyric, which basically we are using to show that the band is back and still rocking after all these years. To me, it means we’re still here and doing what we do.”

Track List
1 That Was Me
2 Box In My Head
3 Tainted Blood
4 Nightmare Epiphany
5 Edge Of The World
6 The Machine
7 Train True (Lennie’s Song)
8 The Return Of St. Cecilia
9 Stand And Fight
10 Florida Man
11 The Alchemist
12 Secret Road
13 There’s A Crime
14 Fight

Blue Öyster Cult
Eric Bloom
Donald ‘Buck Dharma’ Roeser
Richie Castellano
Danny Miranda
Jules Radino

SOURCE: Frontiers Music

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