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TPA News – August 2020

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Latest Prog News from across the progressive music spectrum & updated throughout August 2020.

11/08/2020: Sparks reschedule 2020 UK & European tour

Today sees Sparks join the many who have been forced to cancel their 2020 tour dates. The original October dates were booked in support of their latest studio album A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip, released in May.

In a brief statement on their Facebook Page: “The band has been eagerly looking forward to the live shows and especially playing the new album, but with everyone’s health and safety being the priority in this new and unpredictable era, the tour has been rescheduled for May & June 2021. In addition, a new show at Bexhill, UK has been added, with more shows to be announced soon.”

Sparks 2021 Tour Poster

Tickets for the original dates remain valid for the new dates.

SOURCE: Sparks

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11/08/2020:  Kevin Godley To Release First Solo Album MUSCLE MEMORY on 17th December 2020

Kevin Godley – songwriter, singer and drummer will release his first solo album on 17th December 2020. Singles from this crowd-sourced recording will be released between 16.07.2020 and 03.12.2020.

The album originates from an invitation Godley posted on the site PledgeMusic: “Write and record with me.” PledgeMusic was a platform for musicians to connect directly with fans who could pay for music in advance to support the creation of albums. Kevin’s project took the potential of this remote, socially distanced collaboration further.

Godley explains: “Recently something happened that eclipsed any songwriting techniques I’d learned in 10cc or Godley & Creme. Out of the blue, I was sent 2 recorded instrumental tracks with requests to write melodies and lyrics and turn them into songs. Both tracks came from people I’d never met and still haven’t. Experiencing this kind of remote collaboration and its results has been transformative for me, as I believe I’ve recorded 2 of my best ever songs and MUSCLE MEMORY, as I’m calling the album, will be about opening this collaborative door a lot wider.

Kevin received 286 instrumentals, choosing to conceal the names of submitters so as not to focus on high profile artists. Of these 11 were chosen for the final tracklisting. The instrumentals vary wildly, from jarring electronic beats to Gotye’s dreamlike balladic contribution, “Song of Hate.”

In May 2019, before any money pledged had arrived to support the album, PledgeMusic declared bankruptcy. With the lists of pledgers gone and the project stalled, The state51 Conspiracy contacted Kevin and funded the project so that those who had paid would still be able to listen to the record they were helping to make.

The album marks Kevin’s first time fronting a project. His lyricism is cutting, political and provides a mood similar to film dialogue over classic pop lyricism. Gun control, societal unrest, racism and questions regarding political correctness make for some of the most striking lyrical content likely heard on an alternative pop record. This is a dark record from someone not known for dark themes.

Tracks from the album will be released in order every two weeks until the album’s release on the 17th of December 2020.

Track List:
1) Expecting a Message: 16/07/2020
2) The Ghosts of the Living: 30/07/2020
3) Hit the Street: 13/08/2020
4) The Bang Bang Theory: 27/08/2020
5) 5 Minutes Alone: 10/09/2020
6) Cut to the Cat: 24/09/2020
7) One Day: 08/10/2020
8) All Bones are White: 22/10/2020
9) Periscope: 5/11/2020
10) Song of Hate: 19/11/2020
11) Bulletholes in the Sky: 03/12/2020
12) Muscle Memory – CD, Vinyl and Digital: 17/12/2020

SOURCE: Glass Onyon PR

07/08/2020: Steve Hackett announces the release of Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith

John & Steve Hackett

InsideOut Music reveal a September release for Steve Hackett’s Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith. The concert was recorded at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, on the final night of the 2019 UK tour and Steve was band for the concert were: Roger King, Jonas Reingold, Rob Townsend, Craig Blundell and Nad Sylvan on vocals. Special guests for this performance were John Hackett and Amanda Lehmann.

Steve comments: “Amalgamating three personal favourite albums, including the whole of “Selling England by the Pound”, most of “Spectral Mornings” and “At The Edge Of Light” highlights was a very special live experience. Both audio and visual on this product give a mind blowing experience of an unforgettable evening at Hammersmith.”

The first set of the concert includes tracks from Spectral Mornings, celebrating its 40th anniversary, and At The Edge Of Light. Steve and the band were joined by Amanda Lehmann on vocals and guitar and by John Hackett, on flute for The Virgin And The Gypsy and The Red Flower Of Tai Chi Blooms Everywhere.

The second part is the live recording of Selling England by the Pound album in its entirety, plus Déja Vu, a track initiated for the album by Peter Gabriel, but later completed by Steve. Déja Vu is the first track to be taken from the show…

CD 1

01. Intro
02. Every Day
03. Under The Eye of The Sun
04. Fallen Walls And Pedestals
05. Beasts Of Our Time
06. The Virgin And The Gypsy
07. Tigermoth
08. Spectral Mornings
09. The Red Flower Of Tai Chi Blooms Everywhere
10. Clocks – Angel of Mons
11. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
12. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

CD 2
01. Firth Of Fifth
02. More Fool Me
03. The Battle Of Epping Forest
04. After The Ordeal
05. The Cinema Show
06. Aisle of Plenty
07. Deja Vu
08. Dance On A Volcano
09. Los Endos

Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith will be released on 25th September 2020, through InsideOut Music in several formats: Limited Edition Deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD Artbook; 2CD+Blu-ray Digipak; 2CD+DVD Multibox; Limited Edition 4LP+2CD Box Set and Digital album.

SOURCE: InsideOut Music

07/08/2020: Tim Bowness releases Northern Rain from forthcoming new studio album

Today sees the release of Northern Rain, taken from Tim Bowness taken from his forthcoming sixth solo outing Late Night Laments, scheduled for release via InsideOut Music on 28th August 2020). Northern Rain was mixed Steven Wilson and mastered by Calum Malcolm…

Tim Bowness comments: “To an extent, this is about a person seeing their partner slowly descend into the fog of dementia, reflecting on their life together and coming to terms with their powerlessness and eventual demise, and the ever-changing nature of the world. I’m more of a ‘rage against the dying of the light’ person, but this is a song of blissful acceptance.”

Late Night Laments offers a collection of lush, atmospheric songs with a wide lyrical scope and represents the most intimate yet universal of Bowness’s solo releases. Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin and Classical percussionist Tom Atherton also contribute, and Jarrod Gosling (I Monster) is responsible for the detailed artwork.”

Late Night Laments will be released as Limited Edition 2CD digipak including five additional studio recordings, as Gatefold LP plus CD, and digital album.

SOURCE: InsideOut Music

06/08/2020: The Pineapple Thief release the title track, Versions of the Truth as third single

The Pineapple Thief’s third single from their forthcoming studio album, to be released on the 4th September 2020 via Kscope, is the title track ~ Versions of the Truth.

Bruce Soord comments: “This track probably doesn’t need too much in the way of explanation, I came up with the title when we started writing the record back in October 2018. At the time, the world around me seemed to be losing respect for ‘the truth’. Any version of the truth, it seemed, was fair game as long as it got you what or where you wanted. I never expected the song to be even more pertinent today.

“The video however tackles very personal distortions of life and truth. George Laycock, who produced and directed the video, found some beautiful locations down here on the Dorset Jurassic coast, together with some local ‘swimmers’. Luckily, as George lives just 40 minutes away from me, we were able to shoot together again, even in today’s strange climate. The rivers, the blue seas and virgin blue skies unblemished by vapour trails look otherworldly. ‘It’s not how I remember it….’”

SOURCE: The Pineapple Thief

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05/08/2020: Gong announce rescheduled UK tour dates for May 2021

Gong 2021 Tour Banner

Gong announce that their November 2020 UK Tour has now been rescheduled to May 2021

The band have also added three new venues: Carlisle, Stockton and Hitchin and are planning to announce rescheduled shows for Wigan, Bethesda and Cardiff soon. Sadly it has not been possible to re-book Harpenden Public Halls and tickets can be refunded at point of purchase.

This Is The Moment And Now Is The Time UK Tour
03/05/21: COLCHESTER Arts Centre
04/05/21: NORWICH Arts Centre
05/05/21: BRIGHTON Komedia
06/05/21: READING Sub89
07/05/21: STROUD Subscription Rooms
09/05/21: BRISTOL Thekla
10/05/21: EXETER Phoenix
11/05/21: SOUTHAMPTON The 1865
12/05/21: BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds
13/05/21: NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
14/05/21: YORK The Crescent Community Venue
15/05/21: HEBDEN BRIDGE Trades Club
16/05/21: MANCHESTER Gorilla
17/05/21: BURY SAINT EDMUNDS The Apex
19/05/21: CARLISLE The Brickyard *
20/05/21: NEWCASTLE The Cluny
21/05/21: STOCKTON The Georgian Theatre *
22/05/21: HITCHIN Club 85 *
27/05/21: RAMSGATE Music Hall
28/05/21: LONDON Subterania

17/09/21: GLASGOW Òran Mór

Gong comment: “Postponing our November (2020) tour was the mother of all drags. We promised the transformation of utilitarian rooms across the country into shimmering psychedelic temples, bursting with radiance one and all, only to find ourselves all blindsided by an unprecedented metamorphosis. Gong had no time for the old normal, so now in 2021, let us unleash THE NEW ABNORMAL! There’s a revolution coming and, by the gods, it’s going to need a soundtrack. Let us congregate, sing praises to the moon and love, love, love.”


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05/08/2020: Italian Progressive Metal Band DGM Announce the Release of their 10th Studio Album Tragic Separation

DGM have announced the release of their 10th studio album Tragic Separation, their first record since The Passage (2016). The quintet began writing the music for it in the spring of 2019, with the year taken to complete the album a longer process than normal.

Lyrically Tragic Separation reveals a concept record told through the eyes of a protagonist about life, the paths we travel based on the choices we make, plus the subsequent consequences to our lives. Among doubts and second thoughts about these choices is one that echoes in the soul of the protagonist: what if the answer for everything was the path itself? An unanswered question, which is another starting point for a new quest… another beginning.

The first single from the album can be viewed below:

DGM plan to tour in support of this new album as soon as conditions allow.

Track List
01 Flesh And Blood
02 Surrender
03 Fate
04 Hope
05 Tragic Separation
06 Stranded
07 Land Of Sorrow
08 Silence
09 Turn Back Time
10 Curtain

Marco Basile – vocals
Simone Mularoni – guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – bass
Emanuele Casali – keyboards
Fabio Costantino – drums

SOURCE: Frontiers Music

03/08/2020: ESP Project to Release 5th Studio Album Phenomena

Phenomena is the fifth release from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project on Sunn Creative and was written, arranged and performed by Tony, between January and June 2020. The album also features Damien Child who wrote the insightful and imaginative lyrics once again, and added the vocals at the end of May, with a special guest appearance by Alison Fleming on vocals on Track 7.

Phenomena has all the hallmarks of previous ESP albums with alluring melodies and stirring arrangements. Tony’s guitar and synth play haunting themes, weaving over symphonic rock at its most dramatic and uplifting, all interspersed with strange altering scenes and soundtracks that suggest dark and fascinating interiors to this music. ‘phenomena’ is rhythmic and captivating yet strong and hopeful in all the right places.

Pre-orders are now available at Bandcamp:

Track List
1. First Flight
2. Before Saturn Turned Away
3. Telethesia
4. Fear of Flying
5. Living in the Sunrise
6. Sleeping Giants
7. Seven Billion Tiny Sparks


01/08/2020: Andy Tillison talks to TPA about the forthcoming The Tangent album Auto Reconnaissance

Andy Tillison - The Tangent

“By Auto Reconnaissance I do indeed mean “self-observation” (that’s my translation of the French title). And it does mean that it’s more introspective. But that does not always mean looking at ME as in Andy Tillison – the song Lie Back and Think of England is about the struggle over the past three years as the country I live in myself made decisions on the identity its people felt comfortable with. That period of UK history was very introspective, navel gazing if you like, and exceedingly self-observational.

I realise that some folks may feel there’s a military vibe there, but that’s only because the military started using the same French word for “observation” that I did. And of course, the more we can demilitarise words, the better!.”

You can read the full interview HERE

SOURCE: The Progressive Aspect

01/08/2020: Gazpacho Release Title Track From New Album Fireworker

Gazpacho are set release their new album Fireworker on 18th September 2020 on Kscope. The album is based around the idea that humanity has always been controlled by an infallible and omniscient creature determined to propagate at any cost.

The band have now released the title track from the album which can be heard below:

Conceptually, the album follows the band’s tradition of blending philosophy, literature and personal crises. In many ways it is perhaps the culmination of the themes that have been laid down in previous albums Night and Missa Atropos, the narrative drama of Tick Tock and Soyuz along with theological and scientific reflections contained in Demon and Molok.

Keyboardist Thomas Andersen elucidates: “There’s an instinctual part of you that lives inside your mind, separate from your consciousness. I call it the ‘Fireworker’ or the ‘Lizard’ or the ‘Space Cowboy.’ It’s an eternal and unbroken lifeforce that’s survived every generation, with a new version in each of us. It’s evolved alongside our consciousness, and it can override us and control all of our actions.” In order to get us to do what it wants, he clarifies, the “Fireworker” will silence the parts of our mind that feel disgust or remorse so that we’re unable to stop it. The conscious part of our mind, Andersen notes, will actually “rationalize and legitimize” those thoughts and actions so that we never discover the beast behind-the-scenes. No matter how we feel about ourselves in terms of identity, accomplishments, and value, we’re all just vessels—or “Sapiens”—that the creature uses until it no longer needs us. “If you play along,” Andersen explains, “It’ll reward you like a puppy and let you feel fantastic; if you don’t, it’ll punish you severely.”

Fireworker is a single “trip” broken into five chapters but meant to be appreciated all at once. This time, however, Gazpacho’s recurring protagonist is investigating the labyrinthian hive of his own psyche to engage in a Bergman-esque confrontation with the “Fireworker.” This journey is even represented by the Wimmelbilder cover, which, as usual, was designed by collaborator Antonio Seijas and depicts “the billions of neurons that create the cave of the mind”.

Track List
1. Space Cowboy [19:43]
2. Hourglass [04:15]
3. Fireworker [04:41]
4. Antique [06:24]
5. Sapien [15:22]

Fireworker will be released on Kscope on 18th September, on CD, a gatefold 2LP on 180g black vinyl (3 sides audio, 1 side art etching) and digitally (digital pre-orders receive the title track “Fireworker” as an instant download) and is available to pre-order here:

Gazpacho are:
Thomas Andersen – keyboards, programming
Jan-Henrik Ohme – vocals
Jon-Arne Vibo – guitars
Mikael Krømer – violin, additional guitars
Kristian “Fido” Torp – bass
Robert R Johansen – drums

SOURCES: For The Lost PR

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