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TPA News – May 2019

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Latest Prog News from across the progressive rock spectrum & updated throughout May 2019.

29/05/2019: Karisma Records To Release the Five Classic Albums from SEIGMEN

Karisma Records will release the five classic albums from alternative rockers SEIGMEN, who this week will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary by playing four special one-off concerts at Bergen’s legendary Hulen venue.

The five albums comprise Pluto (1992), Ameneon (1993), Total (1994), Metropolis (1995) and Radiowaves (1997). All the albums have been remastered and will appear in vinyl and CD formats, with Total, Metropolis and Radiowaves being expanded to double LP versions containing bonus tracks of selected B-sides. It will be the first time that any of the albums have be released on vinyl, and a limited edition collectors vinyl box set will also be available containing bonus material.

Hulen is Northern Europe’s oldest rock venue and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The SEIGMEN concerts will replicate four different concerts from the ’90s.

The concerts taking place are as follows:

Wed 29 May: “Ameneon” release concert of April 1993
Thu 30 May: “Total” release concert of October 1994
Fri 31 May: “Metropolis” release concert of October 1995
Sat 01 June: “Radiowaves” release concert of September 1997

SOURCE: Karisma Records

29/05/2019: Fraudprophets Release Debut Album Poptosis

Jazz-rock group Fraudprophets will release their debut album Poptosis on 3rd June 2019. A collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and composer Sean Halley and drummer Nate Morton, they are joined by Bob Reynolds of Snarky Puppy, guitarist Oz Noy, keyboardist Matt Rohde and Nashville fiddle plaer Jenee Fleanor.

The new album blends elements of jazz, pop, rock, country and 70’s fusion, an eclectic mix which is the result of the long-standing friendship between Morton and Halley and their stage and studio careers – along with a passion for gin. Morton comments: “It probably isn’t the best way to go about it, but we randomly started this whole thing one night by drinking cocktails to a click track. Not having a plan ended up being a real blessing, as the snippets of music that came out of that evening were free-spirited and fun, and they were infused with personality and our love for each other as musical dorks.” Halley continues, “Nate and I love just about every kind of music, so nothing was off limits if it was a style we felt comfortable with. The same was true for the production – I like big-sounding records, so if we needed a ridiculous Beastie Boys-esque organ-and-drums breakdown for a tune, I’d have to go figure it out.

The band is currently putting together a musical unit to take ‘Poptosis’ out on the road and hope to play dates in the US, Japan and Europe in the coming year.

SOURCE: Glass Onyon PR

25/05/2019: Billy Sherwood Announces New Album Citizen: In The Next Life for July Release

Billy Sherwood  has announced the forthcoming release of the second album in his ‘Citizen’ series. Citizen: In The Next Life continues the concept begun with the original ‘Citizen’ album released in 2015. The songs explore the individual experiences of a character who is on a journey through time and space of a character, from an appearance in the Berlin bunker as Adolf Hitler in the final days of WWII, to the Impressionist painter Monet, then as Stephen Hawking exploring the depths of the mind and universe, as Wyatt Earp (the legendary sheriff of Tombstone), plus Christopher Columbus, Romeo Montecchi (Romeo & Juliet), Mata Hari and other real and fictitious characters.

Describing the songs which make up the story, Sherwood says: “the [first]song is about Adolf Hitler and follows his rise to power and eventual fall. ‘Sophia’ is about the first ever A.I. to be formally recognised and declared a citizen of a nation (Saudi Arabia). It explores the notion that perhaps this isn’t such a great idea and ‘just because we can doesn’t mean we should’. ‘Monet’ finds the citizen as the famous Impressionist painter and expresses the beauty within the paintings themselves, ‘painting for all our eyes’. ‘We Shall Ride Again’ has the citizen as the famous lawman Wyatt Earp as he takes care of business, along with his brothers Virgil, Morgan and comrade Doc Holliday. ‘By Design’ is a song where the soul of the main character is Romeo, expressing his love for his Juliet, while ‘Mata Hari’ is about the infamous spy who used her seductive ways to get vital information to the governments she worked for. The double agent would eventually find herself in front of a firing squad after being found out.

Unlike the first album where Billy collaborated with a number of musicians, this time he has chosen to develop the concept on his own. “I’m looking forward to this record coming out and having people take these jumps through time. With the citizen as a guide there are many interesting places this lost soul appears. I think of it as a sort of movie for the ears. I recommend a good set of headphones and let the stories take you on a journey.”

Track List
1. The Partisan
2. Sophia
3. Monet
4. Skywriter
5. We Shall Ride Again
6. Via Hawking
7. By Design
8. Sailing The Seas
9. Mata Hari
10. Hold Quite

SOURCE: Frontiers Music SRL

25/05/2019: It Bites Announce Long Term Hiatus

British band It Bites, originally formed in 1982, have announced they are going in to long term hiatus.

In a short statement on the band’s Facebook page they write: “Hi everyone. I have to say that unfortunately It Bites won’t be touring or gigging again, we don’t have any plans for anything else in the future but it was a great time and we do appreciate all of you who have followed us through the years.

The band released five studio albums in total: The Big Lad In The Windmill (1986), Once Around the World (1988), Eat Me In St Louis (1989), The Tall Ships (2008) and Map of the Past (2012).

SOURCE: It Bites

23/05/2019: Opeth Announce 13th Studio Album In Cauda Venenum 

Swedish band Opeth have announced the forthcoming release of their 13th studio album In Cauda Venenum on Moderbolaget Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The new album was recorded last year at Stockholm’s Park Studios and there are plans to release it in two versions, in both Swedish and English languages. Various physical and digital formats will be available and further details will be available in the coming months. The artwork is by Seempieces – The Art of Travis Smith.

Track List
1. Livet’s Trädgård / Garden Of Earthly Delights (Intro)
2. Svekets Prins / Dignity
3. Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör / Heart In Hand
4. De Närmast Sörjande / Next Of Kin
5. Minnets Yta / Lovelorn Crime
6. Charlatan
7. Ingen Sanning Är Allas / Universal Truth
8. Banemannen / The Garroter
9. Kontinuerlig Drift / Continuum
10. Allting Tar Slut / All Things Will Pass

To support the forthcoming release, Opeth will be embarking on a world tour toward the end of the year.


23/05/2019: Iamthemorning Reveal New Album The Bell for Release on 2nd August 2019

Iamthemorning have revealed the 2nd August 2019 as the release date for their new studio album The Bell. Virtuoso classical pianist Gleb Kolyadin and charismatic vocalist Marjana Semkina have already completed previous studio albums for Kscope Belighted, the award winning Lighthouse and their most recent live studio film Ocean Sounds, along with Kolyadin’s self-titled solo release.

A blend of rock, classical and folk music, The Bell uses 19th Century song cycles, originally introduced by Schubert, to tell 10 individual stories. Marjana Semkina comments: “The Bell is divided into two parts but each song is a story in its own right, all of them are fuelled by human cruelty and pain caused by it. Cruelty is the central theme of the album – together with all the different ways we respond to it and cope with it. This album is multi-layered and is, in many ways, a journey inwards, taking us inside of a mind of a person suffering from abuse or neglect or open hostility of the society or a specific person. Aesthetically, the album is based on themes taken from Victorian England’s art and culture, but more in a way of turning our attention to the fact that at its core, humankind isn’t making much progress in terms of emotional maturity.

The Bell was recorded in March 2019 across Russia, the UK and Canada in several studios: Mosfilm in Moscow; Lendoc and Red Wave in St Petersburg; Noatune in London; The Studio at Sunbeams, Penrith; and Union Sound Company in Toronto. Engineering and mastering has been handled by Vlad Avy.

Artwork for the album has been created by long time collaborator Constantine Nagishkin. Marjana explains the imagery: “on the cover is a safety coffin bell – it’s a 19th century idea born from people’s obsessive fear of being buried alive, having been provoked by a lot of press attention to supposed cases of premature burials across the country. and the fact that Edgar Allan Poe frightened many readers by vividly describing the premature burial phenomenon in his short stories. One of the inventions to escape such a terrifying ordeal was a so called “safety coffin” that existed in many different configurations, including the one that had a bell attached to the gravestone with a thread that was attached to it and went all the way underground into the coffin so that the when the poor soul awoke and on realizing he’s been buried alive, could ring to let the people outside know what has happened. Although the idea is a bit morbid I feel there is hope in the artwork too – no matter how low you are or desperate you think your situation is, you can still call for help, but more than that you have to call for help if you need it

The Bell will be released on CD in a digi sleeve, a gatefold LP & digital download.

Track List
1. Freak Show [07:09]
2. Sleeping Beauty [03:42]
3. Blue Sea [03:08]
4. Black And Blue [03:58]
5. Six Feet [03:56]
6. Ghost Of A Story [03:58]
7. Song Of Psyche [03:20]
8. Lilies [04:28]
9. Salute [07:27]
10. The Bell [05:04]

Iamthemorning have confirmed they will be playing numerous shows in support of The Bell, beginning with European dates with Riverside in September.

19/09 – DE- REICHENBACH, Neuberinhaus
20/09 – DE – MÜNCHEN, Freiheiz
21/09 – DE – MÜNSTER, Jovel Music Hall
22/09 – DE – NÜRNBERG, Hirsch
24/09 – DE – MAINZ, Kuz
25/09 – LUX – ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, Kulturfabrik
26/09 – DE – KARLSRUHE, Substage
28/09 – DE – POTSDAM, Waschhaus

More dates to be announced

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

22/05/2019: Magic Pie Announce Fifth Studio Album Fragments of the Fifth Element For August Release

Magic Pie have announced details of their fifth studio album Fragments of the 5th Element. The Norwegian band will release the album on the 30th August 2019 in CD, Gatefold LP and Digital formats with Karisma Records.

The new album has been designed to have a slightly more unpolished sound, and a “rough around the edges” feel to give it added bite. With a 23 minute epic closer, the album has been mixed & mastered by Rich Mouser (Spocks Beard, Transatlantic) at The Mouse House Studio in Los Angeles. Drums were recorded at Lionheart Studio & Production, where Øyvind Voldmo Larsen was the engineer. All other recordings were made at Kim Stenberg’s Studio Basement.

The artwork and design is by Kim Stenberg, based on original paintings by Eva Stenberg.


1 – The Man Who Had It All
2 – P & C
3 – Table For Two
4 – Touched By An Angel
5 – The Hedonist

SOURCE: Karisma Records

21/05/2019: Leprous Announce November European Tour with  Support by The Ocean and Port Noir

Norwegian band Leprous have announced their next European and UK tour for November with support by The Ocean and label-mates Port Noir. The band are presently finishing recording their 6th studio album, due out later this year.

LEPROUS, The Ocean & Port Noir – European Tour 2019:
(* = without The Ocean)

01/11 – LU Esch, Rockhal
02/11 – NL Zwolle, Hedon
03/11 – NL Leiden, Gebr. De Nobel
04/11 – DE Berlin, Kesselhaus *
05/11 – DE Cologne, Kantine *
06/11 – DE Frankfurt, Batschkapp *
07/11 – BE Antwerp, Zappa
08/11 – UK London, ULU
09/11 – UK Manchester, Academy 2
11/11 – CH Zurich, Plaza
12/11 – FR Paris, Cabaret Sauvage
13/11 – FR Lyon, CCO
14/11 – FR Biarritz, Atabal
18/11 – IT Parma, Campus Music Industry
19/11 – DE Munich, Freiheiz *
20/11 – AT Vienna, Szene
21/11 – CZ Prague, Palac Akropolis *
22/11 – DE Dresden, Beatpol *
23/11 – PL Wroclaw, Pralnia
24/11 – DE Hamburg, Uebel & Gefahrlich *
25/11 – DK Copenhagen, Lille Vega
26/11 – SE Gothenburg, Pustervik
27/11 – SE Stockholm, Fryshuset Klubben
* No The Ocean!

Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased from the band’s website.

The band comment: “We’re super stoked to announce a new European tour this fall, to support the release of the upcoming album. We’re bringing along the great The Ocean and the super talented Port Noir! We promise to deliver a fresh and different LEPROUS show, and we’re aiming to take the performance to new heights!

Leprous will also play the following shows this summer:

07/06 – NO Bergen, Close To The Rain
09/06 – PT Tomar, Comendatio Music Fest
22/06 – FI Nummijarvi, Nummirock
29/06 – ES Madrid, Download Madrid
07/07 – UK Newark, UK Tech Fest
12/07 – TU Istanbul, Zorlu PSM
13/07 – GR Athens, Athens Rocks
23/08 – RO Suceava, Bucovina Rock Castle
15/09 – FR Raismes, Raismes Fest

More dates to be announced.

SOURCE: InsideOut Music

21/05/2019: Vanden Plas To Release The Epic Works 1991 – 2015 Box Set

German progressive metal band Vanden Plas have announced the release of a box set The Epic Works 1991-2015 on Frontiers Music Srl. The release contains eight studio albums, an EP, a live recording and a bonus disc entitled ‘Bonus Treasures’ that consists of unreleased, bonus, rare and demo tracks.

The full list of titles included in the box set are:

1. Colour Temple
2.  AcCult
3.  The God Thing
4.  Far Off Grace
5.  Spirit of Live
6.  Beyond Daylight
7.  Christ 0
8.  The Seraphic Clockwork
9.  Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld [Path One]
10.  Chronicles Of The Immortals (Netherworld II)
11.  Bonus Treasures (Physical Edition Only)

A limited edition of 1500 copies will be released worldwide. The set also includes a booklet with notes written by Stefan Glas and Marco Magin, plus previously unreleased pictures and band notes for each album.

Frontiers will also make a selection of releases available on vinyl for the first time on 2xLP gatefold 180g coloured vinyl, including ‘Colour Temple’, ‘The God Thing’, ‘Far Off Grace’, ‘Beyond Daylight’ and ‘Christ 0’. These will be manufactured in very short runs and then discontinued.

Guitarist Stephan Lill comments: “We are very proud of this box set, which contains the demos, singles and studio albums we released during this period. Lots of time was spent gathering these releases, covering almost 25 years, into a very nice package with a detailed band history, lots of pictures with our fans and us together, and much more. For us, and I think for our fans too, it is very exciting to follow our musical development from the melodic power rock style we played at the beginning of our career to the progressive metal we are known for today. Eight studio albums, a live release, an acoustic release, plus a collection of all the bonus tracks we did during this period are on display here. The bonus track collection showcases the other side of Vanden Plas: acoustic versions of songs of our own, covers of influences like Dokken or Kansas and special treats like a cut from our rock opera ‘Ludus Danielis’ or the song we wrote for our favourite soccer club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It almost seems a bit unreal when you see all these releases together, considering the fact that at the same time all the band members were engaged in theatre productions such as ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ or ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and that we also wrote five rock operas which were performed in several German theatres. I hope our fans will enjoy this musical journey as much as we did and still do.”

1 Kiss Of Death
2 Point Of Know Return
3 Gethsemane
4 Shape Of My Heart
5 Combien De Larmes (How Many Tears – French Version)
6 Raining In My Heart
7 Godmaker (Acoustic Radio Version)
8 Days Of Thunder
9 Fire
10 Ridin’ The Wind
11 Eleyson
12 Das Ist Für Euch

Andy Kuntz – vocals
Stephan Lill – guitar
Andreas Lill – drums
Günter Werno – keyboards
Torsten Reichert – bass

SOURCE: Frontiers Music Srl

16/05/2019: Magma To Release New Album Zëss on 28th June 2019

French icons Magma will release their latest studio album Zëss on 28th June 2019. Originally conceived in 1977 and first played in concert in the spring of 1979, the material has been largely set aside since 1983.

Four decades after its first draft, the work has now finally been recorded in an orchestral version that brings additional layers and textures to the vision behind it. “For “Zëss” is above all the visionary reflection of an immemorial dream haunting the most obscure part of our souls.

Zëss” treads a line between a vital overflowing and the edges of the unlivable. It is an incandescent and heady oratorio where consciousness questions its other side in a measureless journey. “Zëss” indicates the ultimate reversal out of which bursts a beyond of music that only music can reach.

The album is available for pre-order now exclusively from Seventh Records and includes a 40 page Deluxe CD Book including all lyrics.

The band are also touring in 2019 in support of the album.

8 JUNE 2019

26 JUNE 2019

2 JULY 2019

16 JULY 2019

16 AUGUST 2019




4 OCTOBER 2019

13 OCTOBER 2019

17 OCTOBER 2019

18 OCTOBER 2019

19 OCTOBER 2019

31 OCTOBER 2019




SOURCE: Glass Onyon PR

13/05/2019: The North Sea Radio Orchestra feat. John Greaves & Annie Barbazza Release Folly Bololey: Songs from Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom on Limited Edition CD & Vinyl

Robert Wyatt’s 1974 album Rock Bottom has been re-arranged by Craig Fortnam for the North Sea Radio Orchestra. Featuring Wyatt’s collaborator and Henry Cow founder John Greaves on bass guitar and vocals, along with vocalist Annie Barbazza as lead singer, Folly Bololey: Songs from Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom is a heartfelt tribute to Robert Wyatt’s music.

The limited hand numbered edition of 500 LP audiophile blue premium vinyl with gimmix foldout cover and bonus golden CD & 999 Cardboard sleeve hand numbered audiophile golden CD will be released on May 17th on Dark Companion Records. Cover notes are provided by Robert Wyatt and Jonathan Coe.

Wyatt comments: “This concert is a beautiful event, for me. These musicians seem to me to have have really grasped what my songs are about; but at the same time, created an entirely fresh way of putting the music together. I feel so honored and so grateful.” Jonathan Coe adds: “One of the greatest albums of the 1970s, beautifully reimagined and re-written for orchestra. I have listened to Rock Bottom hundreds of times, and thought I was familiar with it: but this brilliant new version opens up new depths, fresh vistas, hidden truths. An amazing achievement.”

Track Listing:
1. Sea Song 5:54
2. A Last Straw 5:27
3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road 5:04
4. Alifib 7:45
5. Alifie 5:19
6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road 5:18
bonus tracks:
7. The British Road 6:25
8. Maryan 5:41
9. Shipbuilding 4:47
10. O Caroline 5:09

Annie Barbazza: Lead Vocal/Farfisa Organ
John Greaves: Bass guitar/Vocal (track 4 and 11)/Spoken Word (track 3, 5 and 6)
Nicky Baigent: Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Spoken Word (track 5)
Luke Crookes: Bassoon
William D. Drake: Piano/Farfisa Organ/Vocal (track 2,3 and 5)
Harry Escott: Cello
Craig Fortnam: Guitar/Farfisa Organ/Vocal (track 7 and 9)
Tommaso Franguelli: Vibes/Percussion
Cheb Nettles: Drums
Laurent Valero: Violin/Viola/Recorder/Bass Recorder

Arranged and directed by Craig Fortnam
Executive Production by Max Marchini
Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Alberto Callegari at Elfo Recording
Studios, Tavernago, Italy during “Musiche Nuove a Piacenza Festival”,
November 30th, 2018

Annie Barbazza appears by courtesy of Manticore Records

SOURCE: Glass Onyon PR

13/05/2019: Warmrain Release 4-Track EP Followed by New Album Back Above the Clouds

Warmrain have announced the release of their first full debut album Back Above The Clouds. The album is “the documentation of one person’s journey back to themselves, triggered by the catalyst of heart-breaking loss…

Conceived and written by Leon J Russell, the release is based on an adapted true story. Russell comments: “As human beings, we all share in the universal experience of heart-breaking loss, and during the after-effects we have to discover coping mechanisms that will give us the strength to rebuild ourselves and our lives.

The music was brought to life by guitarist Matthew Lerwill and bassist Simon Bradshaw, with Russell handling vocals, guitar and drums. it tells how the person who lived through this story kept a series of journals, documenting the thoughts and feelings they were experiencing. Back Above the Clouds is made up of extracts from these journals.

The double CD is scheduled for release on 7 June 2019 on Rain Recordings [RAIN002CD], distributed by Plastic Head. A vinyl version will follow later in the year.

Track List
Fading Star (8:18)
Absent Friends (8:14)
Running Out Of Time (3:44)
Alone In Silent Harmony (4:09)
I Should Be Seeing Stars By Now (6:55)
New Dawn (5:32)
Metamorphosis (4:21)
Here Comes The Rain Again (Extended Version) (7:00)
A Hundred Miles High (5:23)
Live The Dream (7:39)
Free Now (5:12)
Flying Dreams (8:04)
Absent Friends (Reprise) (3:20)
Luminous Star (More Than A Memory) (7:14)
Equilibrium (7:15)

The new album is being preceded by an EP which is set for release on 17th May. The lead track Here Comes The Rain Again is an interpretation of the Eurythmics’ song and features guest musicians Craig Blundell on drums and John Mitchell playing keyboards. The EP is completed by three non-album tracks Shadow-Line Paradigm, Keep Going and Clock Watching Pt.1, Pt.2 & Pt.3 written specifically for the release.

SOURCE: Palmer Turner Overdrive

10/05/2019: Freedom to Glide to Release New Album Seed on 31st May 2019

Freedom to Glide will release their third studio album Seed on 31st may 2019. Seed is the third part of their anti-war trilogy which began with Rain (2013) followed by Fall (2016).

The release is a personal concept album based around one man’s experience of 1918 – the final year of World War 1. The band explain: “On leave from the war at the beginning of 1918, a soldier, struggling to come to terms with the fact that the war seems to have no end in sight starts to conclude that his death is inevitable. Fearing this may be the last time he sees them he tells his family to prepare for the worst. In the months that follow he realises how much the war has cost him, his family, his friends, indeed all humanity. As his thoughts turn outward to the wider world he encounters an ‘enemy’ doctor carrying a fellow soldier back to safety. The two talk and find a mutual respect for one another as the futility of war stares them square in the face. With the end of the war now in sight they find a ray of light in the black of the war, a seed of hope that maybe peace is within reach?

Track List
1. Seed
2. Holding On
3. No Turning Back
4. Undertones Of War
5. The Right Within The Wrong
6. The Space Between The Lines
7. The Only Way?
8. Escape To Survive
9. One Day
10. When That Day Comes
11. Broken Road
12. Dear May
13. Seed Of Hope

SOURCE: Freedom to Glide

09/05/2019: Tim Bowness Adds Live Berlin Date and Confirms UK Special Guest Performances

Tim Bowness has added Berlin as a new live date to his forthcoming tour. He has also confirmed some special guest performances for his UK shows.

Tim and his band featuring John Jowitt (IQ, Frost etc), Michael Bearpark, Andrew Booker, Brian Hulse and Steve Bingham will be playing a range of songs from his albums, released via and Inside Out/Sony and no-man labels. Dates include:

26th May – Arts Workshop, Worcester, UK
31st May – De Boerdij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (co-headlining with Anneke Van Giersbergen)
2nd June – Wroclaw, Poland
3rd June – Warsaw, Poland
4th June – Prachtwerk, Berlin, Germany
7th June – Dingwalls, London, UK
20th July – Night Of The Prog, Loreley, Germany

Tim is pleased to announce that in London he will be supported by Amy Birks, as well as a special stick-set by Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson, The Mute Gods). In Berlin he will be joined by Bernhard Woestheinrich (Centrozoon) as support.

New album Flowers At The Scene is available as CD, LP + CD & as a digital album. Mixed by Steven Wilson and mastered by The Pineapple Thief’s Steve Kitch, the album’s artwork is by Jarrod Gosling.

1) I Go Deeper (4.15)
2) The Train That Pulled Away (4.04)
3) Rainmark (4.15)
4) Not Married Anymore (3.30)
5) Flowers At The Scene (3.04)
6) It’s The World (3.03)
7) Borderline (3.45)
8) Ghostlike (5.08)
9) The War On Me (3.47)
10) Killing To Survive (3.59)
11) What Lies Here (4.00)

SOURCE: InsideOut Music

09/05/2019: Daniel Tompkins Releases New Single and Video Limitless

Taken from his forthcoming studio solo album Castles, releasing on 31st May 2019, Daniel Tompkins has released the new single and video for the song Limitless.

Daniel comments that the song “explores the theme of loneliness and desperation. In our romantic relationships we can all make mistakes at some point or another, often we’re able to navigate difficult times but sometimes we can cause irreparable damage. Limitless is experienced through the eyes of a person having lost such a relationship, aimlessly wandering and constantly reaching dead ends. Sometimes it’s better to simply reset, move on and start again without the baggage of the past. That being said, the outcome of the decisions we make will shape the people we become and while memories fade, they’re never truly erased.

Limitless was filmed in the US with directors Steven Cleavland & Kyle Kadow with whom he previously worked on ZETA and TesseracT projects: “they created such an incredible visuals for those projects and have great working relationships with local actors. Interestingly, both the male lead actors seen in the Causeway video were also featured in TesseracT’s King video, as we thought that would be a nice link, plus they are incredible actors. The elder male lead, Timothy Barnes, also features in Limitless.

New album Castles is written & engineered by Tompkins alongside US producer Eddie Head (Haji’s Kitchen) and recorded at both the UK’s Celestial Sound Studio (Vocals) & The Color And The Sound Studios (Music) in the US, with mastering by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds. The 13-track album features six alternative versions, which feature special guests Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Randy Slaugh (Periphery, Architects, Devin Townsend), Paul Ortiz (Zeta, Chimpspanner) and producer Dmitry Stepanov. The artwork is created by Ani Artworks.

Castles will be released on CD, LP (180g black vinyl) and digital.

SOURCE: For The Lost PR

06/05/2019: Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso release new track ‘L’imprevisto’ from new album ‘Transiberiana’

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso have launched their new single ‘L’imprevisto’ from new album Transiberiana released with Inside Out Music / Sony Music group. The new album will be the first studio album in 25 years.

Vittorio Nocenzi comments:
At one point, the Siberian cold is so intense that the ice covers the entire track. So it becomes dangerous to move on, it could be derailed. And then the train stops, in the tundra desert. It’s cold and travelers start to be afraid. Lights can be seen outside, it could be a village. Then they start thinking about getting off the train to go and ask for help. The cold increases. It is the metaphor of the unpredictable things that change in the course of our existence, fear before what we know is always the first weapon of defense. Instead the unexpected can also give us unexpected positive surprises, if only we were more willing to face diversity, the unusual: any unexpected can build new discoveries and new certainties if we face it with courage and determination. The unexpected is just an opportunity to change. Don’t be afraid of the new road that opens up. Among the sounds that characterize this track in particular the “slide guitar” of Filippo, expresses all the yearning for regret that are in the fear that travelers face in front of – nothing that has drowned our days.

‘Transiberiana’ will be available as Limited Edition Mediabook CD with 44 page booklet, Gatefold 2LP + CD + LP Booklet, and as digital download.

Track Listing
1. Stelle sulla terra (6:06)
2. L’imprevisto (3:29)
3. La discesa dal treno (6:16)
4. L’assalto dei lupi (5:35)
5. Campi di Fragole (3:36)
6. Lo sciamano (4:01)
7. Eterna Transiberiana (6:20)
8. I ruderi del gulag (6:06)
9. Lasciando alle spalle (1:47)
10. Il grande bianco (6:33)
11. Oceano: Strade di sale (3:39)

SOURCE: InsideOut Music

05/05/2019: June release date announced for The Divide from Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne

Esoteric Antenna announce the release of the new studio album by singer and multi-instrumentalist Tony Patterson & keyboardist Doug Melbourne. The Divide will be released on the Esoteric Antenna (Cherry Red Records) on the 28th June 2019

Previously the musicians have worked together notably in Genesis tribute band ReGenesis. Doug has also contributed to some of Tony Patterson’s other projects including his solo album Equations Of Meaning and the acclaimed Northlands album with Brendan Eyre. The first music to be released form the album comes in the shape of Antartica

The Divide is a collection of ten songs, which, while reflecting their many influences, stands alone as a highly original yet accessible album. The lyrics of the songs reflect the world in which we live – fake news, urban stress and conspiracy theorists are among the subjects explored on this polished, epic and powerful album.

SOURCE: Cherry Red Records

03/05/2019: Rock the Coast Festival Reveal Bands and Stage Times

Rock The Coast Festival have revealed the band stage times for the forthcoming two day festival. The inaugural event is set to take place in Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain on 14th and 15th June 2019 at the site of Mare Nostrum. It will feature two main stages plus a third located in the Sohail Castle. The aim of the festival is to bring together the Costa del Sol’s warm weather and the comforts of a holiday location with all forms of rock music.

The full line-up for Rock The Coast 2019 is:


The organisers comment: ‘Almost one month left for the festival and now you can check the full schedule of Rock The Coast Festival 2019. See you very soon. Let’s rock the coast!

The final price for 2-days tickets is 130€ (+ expenses) and the single day ticket price is 80€ (+ expenses, each one, same price for Friday and Saturday).

A very special opening party takes place the night before the festival on Thursday 13th June which will feature an exclusive show from Norwegian music group Wardruna who will perform inside the Sohail Castle. Capacity is limited for this separately ticketed event.

Tickets are on sale now –

Fuengirola’s municipal area is one of the smallest in the Málaga province and it is virtually reduced to a coastal strip that the city and the district of Santa Fe de los Boliches take up. It extends along seven kilometres of coastline with plenty of excellent beaches. Fuengirola is also only a 20 minute drive from Malaga airport.

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03/05/2019: US Ensemble IZZ to Release New Album Don’t Panic  on 21st May 2019

New York-based ensemble IZZ are set to release their ninth studio album Don’t Panic on 21st May 2019. Centred around the 18 minute epic, 42, the new album continues the band’s signature energy, complex song structures and melodic hooks.

42 captures all four vocalists, Anmarie Byrnes, Laura Meade, John Galgano and Tom Galgano creating connected melodies while guitarist Paul Bremner and drummers Greg DiMiceli and Brian Coralian carry the song’s dynamic and emotional content.

IZZ will be performing at the Terra Incognita Festival in Quebec City the weekend of 18th May – 19th May 2019 and at the New Jersey Proghouse the weekend of 15th June – 16th June.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Panic
2. 42
3. Six String Theory
4. Moment of Inertia
5. Age of Stars


Paul Bremner: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Anmarie Byrnes: Vocals
Brian Coralian: Electronic & Acoustic Drums and Percussion
Greg DiMiceli: Acoustic Drums and Percussion
John Galgano: Bass Guitar, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Tom Galgano: Keyboards, Vocals
Laura Meade: Vocals

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02/05/2019: Gandalf’s Fist Announce New Double Album The Clockwork Prologue for July 2019 Release

On the 3-year anniversary of their previous release, Gandlaf’s Fist have announced they are returning to Cogtopolis with a new double album The Clockwork Prologue. Following the video games model, the band explain that the album is designed to act as an “expansion pack” to the 2016 Triple album The Clockwork Fable, making the combined releases a seamless 5-disc adventure.

Most of the band have loved playing video games since the 80’s and the idea of creating a musical expansion-pack, in the same way game manufactures introduce new levels and new quests, has been an undertaking we’ve all enjoyed immensely. It’s been a great opportunity to finish all the wonderful ideas we couldn’t even fit into a triple album in 2016 as well as been a fantastic way of collaborating on new material with our own ‘upgraded’ lineup with Ben and Keri. The whole thing sounds fantastic and without question has some of our finest songs to date!

The album will feature the talents of Mark Benton (Shakespeare & Hathaway, Early Doors, Waterloo Road); Bill Fellows (Lady Macbeth, Downton Abbey, Broadchurch); Paul Kavanagh (The Wastelander) and Tim Munro (Dr Who, Great Expectations) and takes listeners back to an post-apocalyptic underworld and struggle to reach the surface.

The album is scheduled to be released 1st July 2019 and pre-order packages are now available via the band’s website:

SOURCE: Gandalf’s Fist

01/05/2019: Periphery Announce European Headline Tour 2019

Periphery have announced a European headline tour for November 2019 in support of their new album “Periphery IV: Hail Stan” (3DOT Recordings), released earlier this month. Support will come from Plini and Astronoid.

Periphery IV: HAIL STAN is the first release following the band’s 2017 GRAMMY® Award nomination in the “Best Metal Performance” category, for “Periphery III: Select Difficulty” album opener ‘The Price Is Wrong’.

Tour Dates
01.11.2019 (DE) Cologne – Essigfabrik
02.11.2019 (DE) Hamburg – Gruenspan
04.11.2019 (DE) Munich – Backstage Werk
05.11.2019 (DE) Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
06.11.2019 (DE) Berlin – Columbia Theater
08.11.2019 (NL) Nijmegen – Doornroosje
09.11.2019 (NL) Amsterdam – Melkweg
11.11.2019 (UK) Bristol – O2 Academy Bristol
12.11.2019 (UK) Glasgow – The Garage
14.11.2019 (UK) Manchester – O2 Ritz
15.11.2019 (UK) London – O2 Forum Kentish Town

Periphery are Jake Bowen (guitar, programming), Matt Halpern (drums), Mark Holcomb (guitar), Misha Mansoor (guitar, programming) and Spencer Sotelo (vocals).

SOURCE: The Noise Cartel

01/05/2019: Genesis Seconds Out to be Remastered for Vinyl with Half Speed Mastering at Abbey Road Studios

Genesis have announced their second live album Seconds Out, originally released as a double album in October 1977, will be remastered for vinyl.

With a release date of 7th June 2019, the album is formed of recordings from their four dates at the Palais Des Sports in Paris in June 1977 as part of their Wind and Wuthering tour.  “The Cinema Show” was recorded in 1976 at the Pavillion de Paris during their Trick of the Tail tour.

Seconds Out will be half speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and form part of the Half Speed Mastered range complete with Obi-Strip and accompanying Certificate.

Track List
LP 1


LP 2


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