Plini - Sunhead EP

Plini – Sunhead [EP]

Djent, nu-prog, math-rock, along with numerous equally bafflingly titled genres and sub-genres, denoting the heavier, more extreme end of the musical spectrum, seems to be an inexhaustible resource. Viewed from afar and admiring the complex polymetric time signatures that defy…

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Shibui – Shibui

This is why I go interwebbing: I inhabit several Worlds. In one, which I shall call Reality 1.0, I am a Stick Player. Through that FaceTube I know a Boston-based Stickist called Josh Goldberg. Occasionally Josh sends me the heads-up…

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Phideaux - Infernal

Phideaux – Infernal

Phideaux Xavier has been a creative leader in the progressive rock genre since the early part of this century. He deserves credit for producing some of the most innovative music of his generation and Infernal should be the album that…

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Grobschnitt - 79:10

Grobschnitt – 79:10

Hello, My Dear Friends! If summarising Novalis’s career in Schmetterlinge was a daunting task, Grobschnitt’s 79:10 has proven to be a herculean one. Not only was Grobschnitt’s career longer and more varied with some arguably better results, but the depths…

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