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Published on 1st December 2016

Tim Bowness announces new studio album

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Tim Bowness has announced the release of his fourth solo album, Lost In The Ghost Light, to be released on 17th February 2017, through InsideOut Music. This follows his critically acclaimed album Stupid Things That Mean The World from last year.

Appearing with Tim Bowness will be his core band comprising Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), Hux Nettermalm (Paatos) and Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum). Guests for this release include Kit Watkins (Happy The Man/Camel), Steve Bingham (No-Man) and Ian Anderson. Andrew Keeling undertakes the arrangements for the string quartet and flute on three tracks and the entire album has been mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson.

“Lost In The Ghost Light is a concept album revolving around the onstage and backstage reflections of a fictional ‘classic’ Rock musician in the twilight of his career. Ranging from the hypnotic opener Worlds Of Yesterday to the wistful climax of Distant Summers, via the thrilling rage of Kill The Pain That’s Killing You and the orchestral expanse of You’ll Be The Silence, the album features some stunning solos and harmonically rich compositions that represent Bowness’s most musically ambitious work to date.”

Lyrically, the album addresses how the era of streaming and ageing audiences affects creativity, how a life devoted to music impacts on real/family life, and how idealistic beginnings can become compromised by complacency and the fear of being replaced by younger, more vital artists. Tim elaborates: “It all started with me seeing a sixty something jogger in an expensive tracksuit rifling through the vegetable racks at my local Co-Op. His intense glare combined with his thinning long grey hair and Mick Fleetwood beard left me wondering which veteran Rock band he’d once played with. This got me thinking about the moment when music first came into this person’s life and whether it still informed his music making in the present. Other questions followed about the tensions between commerce and art, career and idealism: Could the creative ‘spark’ be lost then re-discovered?; What were the costs of dedicating a life to music and how much did ‘real’ life get in the way of the ‘magic’?; What was the effect of the changing nature of the industry on music itself as physical objects d’art became unpaid streams?; Were, as Brian Eno suggested, professional musicians like blacksmiths, echoes from another age and, if so, what was the impact of that realisation on a performer playing to an ageing crowd? Clearly, I thought too much!”

tim-bowness-lostTRACK LISTING
01. Worlds Of Yesterday
02. Moonshot Manchild
03. Kill The Pain That’s Killing You
04. Nowhere Good To Go
05. You’ll Be The Silence
06. Lost In The Ghost Light
07. You Wanted To Be Seen
08. Distant Summers

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