Theocracy - Ghost Ship

Theocracy – Ghost Ship

Theocracy is back! Matt Smith founded christian progressive power metal band Theocracy in Athens, Georgia in 2002, originally as a one-man project with Smith playing and singing all the parts, but it is now a full quintet. Their last album,…

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Opeth - Sorceress

Opeth – Sorceress

We are now 5 years into what I refer to as ‘Opeth: Phase 2’. While most discussion of their recent albums center around abandoning the harsh vocal style, in my opinion the change to vintage instrumentation was the most significant…

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Sam Healy - Sand

Sam Healy – Sand

Sam Healy, when not ordering Venusian loaves from the alien in the bakery round the corner from his Edinburgh garret, is one third of that fine post-everything band North Atlantic Oscillation, and also a modern solo artiste of some merit,…

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TILT - Hinterland

TILT – Hinterland

Hinterland [‘hɪntəland’] noun defn.: An area lying beyond what is visible or known TILT have released their classy debut full length album, Hinterland, featuring an impressive array of melodic rock songs, sampled sonic atmospherics and catchy hooks. Nine years after…

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Hominido - Alados

Homínido – Alados

Homínido produced one of my favourite releases of 2014 with their debut, Estirpe Lítica and they now return with Alados (‘Wings’), an album that considers the birds of their native Chile and how their personalities can be related to human…

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