Stick Men

Stick Men to release Prog Noir in October

Stick Men – Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter will release a new album, Prog Noir, on 21st October 2016. The follow up release to Power Play (2014), Prog Noir is described by the band as more song-orientated than before.

“Prog Noir” is ambitious, achieving and immediately essential. Cinematic themes, towering grooves and intricate arrangements are all on tap, and shower down in abundance. Proving conclusively that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, this herculean effort exceeds any perceived limitations of the trio format — satisfying even the most devout and demanding of listeners.”

Stick Men - coverTRACK LISTING
01. Prog Noir
02. Mantra
03. Plutonium
04. The Tempest
05. Schattenhaft
06. Rose In The Sand/Requiem
07. Leonardo
08. Trey’s Continuum
09. Embracing The Sun
10. Never The Same

The album will be available in several formats – pre-ordering and details can be found at Bandcamp

“The album’s ten compositions showcase Stick Men at their most versatile and enterprising; there’s even some superb vocals (and vocal arrangements). While most of the large following the band has amassed will undoubtedly be surprised by the more structured and preconceived nature of the tunes, the revelation is a pleasant one. The album triumphantly succeeds on every level, with the group even displaying a playful sense of humor, clearly enjoying and savoring the moment.”

2016 Tour Dates
11/10/16: Lomme – Maison Folie Beaulie [FR]
12/10/16: Tilburg – Paradox [NL]
13/10/16: Heerlen – Nieuwe Nor [NL]
14/10/16: Wiesbaden – Alte Schmelze [DE]
15/10/16: Weingarten – Kulturzentrum Linse [DE]
18/10/16: Kiev – The Caribbean Club [Ukraine]
19/10/16: Tel Aviv – Barby [Israel]
21/10/16: Nove Mesto Nad Vahom Blue Note [Slovakia]
22/10/16: Usti Nad Labem – Jazz And Blues Festival [CZ]
23/10/16: Brno Sono Centrum [CZ]

The band will also tour the US & Canada in early 2017 in support of the album.