Night of the Prog XI

Night of the Prog XI, Loreley, Germany – “As it Happens” Photo Blog

Loreley 2016

Loreley starts here…


Lovely Loreley – sunny and warm, as usual.


And here we are!

Loreley Amphitheatre


Just in time to see Lion Shepherd – mellow Prog and well received by the growing crowd…

Lion Shepherd

Subsignal hit the stage…


Subsignal – great musicians and blending a few styles together, imagine reggae/Prog metal…???


Essential to keep well hydrated in this hot and sunny weather…

More Beer

Bumped into the guys from Lion Shepherd – not a lion to be seen…

Lion Shepherd 2

Once again, Olivia is our compere…


Mostly Autumn

Mostly Autumn

Who said the Prog is all about old blokes with beards?

Mostly Autumn 2

The mighty Anekdoten – seriously, such Prog diversity in the same festival, tremendous!!


Lucifer’s Friend – Deep Purple and Rainbow live again – competent enough, but wrong festival. Nice guys though…

Lucifer's Friend

The mighty Spock’s Beard, with frickin’ Neal Morse next! Neal frickin’ Morse!!!

Angelina and Chris from Mostly Autumn

Angelina and Chris from Mostly Autumn

Spock’s Beard with Neal Morse and Nick D’Virgilio…

Spock's Beard 1

Spock's Beard 2

Spock's Beard 3


Good morning proggers – first up today, Seven Steps to the Green Door. Strange name for a band, quite interesting music though, slightly avant-garde feel to it…

2016 Loreley - Seven Steps to the Green Door

Frequency Drift – gentle new-age influenced Prog…

2016 Loreley - Frequency Drift

2016 Loreley - Frequency Drift

Gens de la Lune – more classic rock than Prog, lots of Rainbow influence. Great lead singer…

2016 Loreley - Gens de la Lune

2016 Loreley - Gens de la Lune

Gens de la Lune were a massive hit! (Film to follow when I’m on wifi)

The famous Loreley meet-and-greet gate…

2016 Lorely - Meet and Greet

RPWL – excellent modern prog and have just played their This is Not A Prog Song medley – a real crowd-pleaser!

2016 Loreley - RPWL

2016 Loreley - RPWL

Ladies and gents, Focus – fabulous musicians!

2016 Loreley - Focus

2016 Loreley - Focus

Come on folks, where else can you get a long weekend of diverse Prog, good beer and a sunset like this?

2016 Loreley - Sunset Day 2

Peter Panka’s Jane – sorry NotP, but this isn’t Prog!

2016 Loreley - Peter Pankas Jane

2016 Loreley - Peter Pankas Jane

Finishing up day two we have Hawkwind

2016 Loreley - Hawkwind

2016 Loreley - Hawkwind

2016 Loreley - Hawkwind


It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Loreley (as usual) and we’ve a great line-up, starting with Knifeworld in 45 minutes. Until then, enough time for a second breakfast…


…and here it is


Here’s today’s running order…

Day 3 Running Order

Knifeworld kicking off Day Three


Knifeworld‘s Kavus Torabi…

2016Loreley - Kavus Torabi

Knifeworld – very saxy…


An impromptu performance in the crowd?


Hanging with Knifeworld

Knifeworld 4

Kavus says “hi” to the TPA team and readers

Kavus Torabi

All the way from Cuba, Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi

John Young and Lifesigns – very nice indeed!


Lifesigns were great – audience loved them.

Norway’s Magic Pie – been going for 40 years and this is their first ever gig in Germany! Solid classic Prog.


Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – totally mental!!

Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy

Carl Palmer

Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy playing the full version of Pictures at an Exhibition! This is just totally awesome beyond words!!

Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy 2

Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, astonishingly good! The crowd went bananas, so, so good!!!

Now we have The Musical Box playing Genesis’ Foxtrot. Can’t say I’m much of a Genesis fan (Heathen!!!), but everyone else is living it…

The Musical Box 1

The Musical Box 2

So, that’s the end of Night of the Prog XI. Overall another excellent festival, with the stand-out bands being Spock’s Beard, Gens de la Lune and Carl Palmer’s ELP legacy, one for each day.

Some very poor band choices though, seemed to be a lot of classic rock acts that just didn’t fit in at all. Strange when you consider the massive reception the real prog acts received.

Also a bit odd to have a cover-band headlining on Sunday – sure, the audience lived it, but they loved Carl Palmer more…

But, all these criticisms aside, it’s a great festival and any one remotely interested in Prog should make the pilgrimage at least one in a lifetime. Fabulous, and cold beer too…


The End!

[All photos by Dave Baird]

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