Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman to re-record Myths & Legends…

Rick Wakeman is re-recording his classic album The Myths & Legends Of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, as back in 1975 what you could squeeze musically onto a single vinyl disc was understandably inhibiting and so with this re-recording, (with full symphony orchestra, choir, band and vocalists), there will be all the original music and an additional 5 new compositions, all in the style of the original recording.

To get this started, Rick is partnering with direct-to-fan company PledgeMusic and making available the opportunity to pre-order the new album. Through PledgeMusic, fans can also access special and exclusive offers including signed vinyl, CDs, posters and memorabilia (including limited edition reprints of the original King Arthur Wembley programme, repros of the famous Arthur tee-shirt), an opportunity to visit Rick in the studio during the orchestral recording sessions, attend a very special launch party on the album’s release and also get recording updates, bonus content, video clips and much more. All the details are on Rick’s PledgeMusic campaign page HERE.

Speaking of the new project Rick says: “It has always been in my mind to re-record and once again perform an extended version of King Arthur, as it has only ever been performed three times in the UK. I am delighted to now have the opportunity to do this and especially so with the help of the fans and my campaign on PledgeMusic… and if all goes well, maybe one day put it back on ice! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the première performance at the O2 in London on June 19th as part of the Stone Free Festival.”

SOURCE: PledgeMusic