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Featured Alan Parson Project - The Turn Of A Friendly Card [Deluxe Edition]

Published on 23rd October 2015

Alan Parsons Project – The Turn Of A Friendly Card (35th anniversary re-master)

The Alan Parsons Project reveal full details of the deluxe and re-mastered version of The Turn Of A Friendly Card album, scheduled for release on 6th November 2015. The release coincides with the album’s 35th Anniversary. The 2CD package includes the re-mastered original album, 17 previously unreleased bonus tracks (including Eric Woolfson’s songwriting diary home demos), 10 bonus tracks and a new 20 page booklet with lyrics, notes on the making of the album and rare photos.

Eric Woolfson talks about the theme and title of The Turn Of A Friendly Card album on Soundcloud:

As well as including all the expanded edition bonus tracks, the following additional tracks are included in the Deluxe version:


“In the Autumn of 2014 my sister Lorna and I were going through many boxes of Dad’s material (he kept absolutely everything) and came across over 100 audio cassettes and various old Sony Walkmans and cassette machines. Dad had always intended to go through these cassettes and had even bought a special cassette to MP3 converter machine but never actually got the chance to do it.

As Lorna and I started to listen to them, we realized that they were an extremely special and precious find. We put them into album order which was not always easy with so many previously unreleased songs and cross-overs with songs written during the making of one album but which obviously ended up on the next. It became a great game as to who could spot which album the cassette related to first.

It has been a deeply moving experience to listen to them, particularly as they form the soundtrack to our childhoods as we were often in the room next door and would hear him writing songs and playing like this all the time.

The cassettes contained over 100 hours of Eric’s writing diaries. Private moments of creativity captured on tape as songwriting memos to himself. As he didn’t read or write annotated music, this was how he developed the songs he wrote. They give a wonderful fly on the wall insight into the creative process where you can literally hear the song evolve as the ideas come out of his head. In some cases a familiar song from ‘Turn of a Friendly Card’ is intertwined with another previously unreleased song, which eventually got unravelled during the writing process.

These are very precious to the family and it was extremely difficult to pick out the tracks to include on this album from the 10 hours worth of material for this album alone. We hope you enjoy this rare insight into the birth of the songs from ‘The Turn of a Friendly Card’ album.”

These tracks were all recorded on Eric’s portable cassette recorder so the sound quality is basic but authentic!

1. May Be A Price to Pay (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
2. Games People Play (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
3. Time (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
4. I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
5. The Turn of a Friendly Card (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
6. Snake Eyes (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
7. Nothing Left to Lose (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
8. TOFC/ Snake Eyes/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)


In addition to the bonus tracks on Disc 1, we have included some unreleased, newly uncovered items. Track 9 features an early version of ‘Maybe A Price To Pay’, which is pre-orchestra and features a guitar solo, which was later replaced by the lush strings solo. There’s a very early version of ‘Games People Play’, (Track 10) and an interesting mix of ‘Time’ where we hear just the orchestra and Chris Rainbow’s backing vocals (Track 11). Early versions of ‘The Gold Bug’ , The Turn Of A Friendly Card Part One, and Snake Eyes are also included (Tracks 12, 13 & 14). Two early versions of ‘The Ace of Swords’ are featured – one with synthesized orchestration and one with Alan playing piano before he recorded the harpsichord part. Finally, Track 17 is a pre-orchestration mix of ‘The Turn Of A Friendly Card Part Two’ which features a superb extended guitar solo by Ian Bairnson which was somewhat sadly mixed out in favour of the final orchestral arrangement

9. May Be A Price to Pay (Early Version – Eric Guide Vocal & Unused Guitar Solo)
10. Games People Play (Early version – Eric Guide Vocal)
11. Time (Orchestra & Chris Rainbow Backing Vocals)
12. The Gold Bug (Early Reference Version)
13. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part 1 (Early Backing Track)
14. Snake Eyes (Early Version – Eric Guide Vocal)
15. The Ace of Swords (Early Version with Synth “Orchestration”)
16. The Ace Of Swords (Early Version with Piano on Melody)
17. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part Two (Eric Guide Vocal and Extended Guitar Solo)

SINGLE EDITS (Tracks 18-20)

These are edited versions of three of the songs from the album for single release, which were mainly used for radio play, since the manufacture of singles in sale in stores was already diminishing. The ‘Snake Eyes’ single was never actually released.

18. Games People Play (single edit)
19. The Turn of a Friendly Card (single edit)
20. Snake Eyes (single edit)

SOURCE: Alan Parsons Project website


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